Kevin Hart SHOCKED after learning Mark Cuban turned $285 million into whopping $2 Billion after Dallas Mavericks purchase

Mark Cuban's Mavericks investment stuns Kevin Hart on 'Cold as Balls.' $285M to $2.5B journey revealed - jaw-dropping!

Kevin Hart SHOCKED after learning Mark Cuban turned $285 million into whopping $2 Billion after Dallas Mavericks purchase

Kevin Hart and Mark Cuban Talking about Mavericks (Image Credits - Yahoo Finance)

In one of the episodes of his witty and perceptive talk show “Cold as Balls,” comedian Kevin Hart engaged in a discussion with none other than the renowned businessman and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban. A light conversation about Dallas Maverick’s purchase evolved into an astonishing disclosure regarding Cuban’s financial background and his extraordinary accomplishments.


Kevin Hart, known for his candour, opened the conversation by asking Cuban how much the Dallas Mavericks originally cost. Cuban delivered the shocking revelation in a casual manner, saying, that he acquired the team for $285 million. Hart followed up by asking the value of the current valuation of the team, to which Cuban responded a staggering $2.5 Billion.

Hart was stunned, as was probably everyone listening to the audio, Hart, elicited a God Damn, that expressed the sentiment of every spectator witnessing the exchange. Hart was curious and followed up with the crucial query, “Where did you get the money?” Mark Cuban, who never hesitates to share his success story, began by detailing his path. He said:

I started the first streaming company back in 1995.

Cuban, an alum of Indiana University, related his effort to discover a method to listen to Indiana Basketball while living in Texas, and the story unfolded with a hint of college nostalgia.


Cuban turned the still-developing internet into his playground. He said:

Let's use this internet thing to figure out if we can listen to basketball games.

What started out as a listening quest eventually evolved into broadcasting, becoming public, and a historic sale that brought in an incredible $5.7 billion. A few months later, Mark Cuban used the money to buy the Dallas Mavericks, a move that would drastically alter the sports industry.

Mark Cuban reveals Kyrie Irving’s impact, and authenticity in the NBA

Along with former NBA players Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson, Mark Cuban came on All The Smoke to talk about everything related to the Dallas Mavericks and his journey, including his connection with and opinions about Kyrie Irving.

Mark Cuban talking about Kyrie Irving (Image Credits – Sports illustrated)

In the NBA, Irving is revered as one of the older guys that younger players look up to, not just because of his incredible handling and ability to make impossible shots, but also because of the kind of man he is and the way he conducts himself.


As Cuban pointed out, one of the ways Irving builds relationships with his peers is through having genuine, in-depth conversations with his colleagues that go beyond basketball. Even though Irving might still receive a negative reputation from the general public and supporters of rival teams, as long as his teammates appreciate one another and acknowledge his identity, the outside noise will be muted.

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