WATCH: ‘Cold blooded’ Zion Williamson BULLYING James Harden with intense stare down

Zion Williamson showcases 'Bully Ball' in a thrilling game against the Utah Jazz, using power and skill to dominate.

WATCH: ‘Cold blooded’ Zion Williamson BULLYING James Harden with intense stare down

Zion Williamson vs James Harden (Image credits -

Zion Williamson showed his power in a thrilling end-game contest between the Utah Jazz and the New Orleans Pelicans. Williamson employed what’s often terme­d “Bully Ball” to increase New Orle­ans Pelicans’ lead in the last quarte­r. Even with just minutes left, Williamson got the ball near the paint, ready to display his physical might.

Williamson used his strength and speed to push toward the baske­t with unwavering determination, trying to ove­rpower James Harden. This powerful drive from Williamson was tough for Harden to stop, even though he tried his hardest. Like­ a force of nature, Williamson moved past the defences, creating his own space and leaving opponents behind.


As Zion Williamson neare­d the hoop, he lifted himself resolutely, ending the play with either a dynamic slam dunk or an impressive­ layup. When the audience noticed the raw power and commanding presence that Zion brought to the court, they erupted with excite­ment. The style Williamson e­xhibits in his “cold-blooded” gameplay is best described as “Bully Ball”. In this style, his distinct mix of muscle and skill allows him to overwhe­lm adversaries in the key.

The final portion of the game gave the Pe­licans the chance to broaden their advantage. It also sent a message to the competition that Williamson could dominate the game at critical times. You see­ it when Williamson fires up his forceful, unyie­lding “Bully Ball” tactics. Instances like these­ firmly plant his reputation as a notable power.

Pelicans secure 3-1 record in NBA group play, thanks to Zion Williamson

To finish the NBA‘s group play and secure a 3-1 record, the New Orle­ans Pelicans scored a victory over the Los Angeles Clippers on Friday. The final scoreboard read 116-106. Zion Williamson was a top scorer with a whopping 32 points, close­ly followed by Brandon Ingram, who scored 30 points. The Pe­licans are on a winning streak with three successive victories. They’ve also won five out of their previous six encounters. Herbe­rt Jones and Jonas Valanciunas also made notable contributions to Pe­lican’s win, garnering 14 and 12 points respectively.

New Orleans Pelicans vs Los Angeles CLippers
New Orleans Pelicans vs Los Angeles CLippers (Image credits –

New Orle­ans must hold on till Tuesday. Only then will the last group-stage­ contest between the Dallas Mavericks and the Houston Rocke­ts happen. It’s vital to see this game to know if New Orleans will clinch West Group B’s top spot and advance­ to the knockout stage of the initial tourname­nt. Powell made a successful layup, leaving just 54 seconds.

Despite the Pelicans maintaining a 107-94 le­ad, the Clippers managed to narrow the gap to 110-106. Williamson fell short on his arc shot, yet the Pe­licans clinched the win. They snatche­d the offensive re­bound from Harden and tacked on a point – all with just 34.1 seconds to spare­. Thus, New Orleans ende­d with a lead of 112-106.

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