“That’s pretty lame…” Klay Thompson fires back at Tari Eason for pre-game taunts as Warriors destroy Houston Rockets

Klay Thompson responds to the criticism from the Houston Rockets' Tari Eason.

“That’s pretty lame…” Klay Thompson fires back at Tari Eason for pre-game taunts as Warriors destroy Houston Rockets

Klay Thompson

Klay Thompson wasn’t going to spare Houston Rockets’ sophomore Tari Eason for his earlier post on social where he called out the Golden State Warriors.


The sophomore took his criticism to another level when, before the game, he was seen wearing a t-shirt with the inscription, ‘Warriors, come out to play.’

However, Tari Eason was on the losing end as his taunts must have provoked the Dubs as they decimated the Houston Rockets 133-110 at the Toyota Center. After the game, Klay Thompson criticized the young player for his backfiring stunt and highlighted that he wasn’t even on the court to contribute.

That's pretty lame, especially if you're not even playing. It's one thing if you're playing and can actually back it up, but if you're going to be trolling from the sideline, it's like, 'Bro, what are we doing?' At least we're out there competing. That's all I have to say about that.
Klay Thompson said

The Golden State Warriors extended their winning streak over the Rockets to three games, almost sealing a 10th-place spot in the Western Conference. The Rockets mounted a solid run to usurp the Warriors with an 11-game winning run but suffered three consecutive losses.


Furthermore, had the Rockets followed up on the young sophomore’s call, they could have come to within two games of the Dubs. Thompson and the Warriors had other ideas, as they put the Rockets in their place and showed who the boss was.

Klay Thompson and the Golden State Warriors teach the Houston Rockets a lesson

The Golden State Warriors were on a rampage, as they’ve been in their last six games, at the Toyota Center, home turf of the Houston Center, when they met the Houston Rockets.

They failed to match the talk following the intense antics of their sophomore, Tari Eason. Schooled by Steph Curry and Klay Thompson on how to be aggressive when needed.

Klay Thompson finished the game with 29 points, three rebounds, and four assists, and fellow Splash Brother Steph Curry led the player statistics chart with 29 points, six rebounds, and six assists. Furthermore, GSW rookie Trayce Jackson-Davis was equally on fire, scoring 20 points, five rebounds, and four assists. 


The Dubs have now solidified their 10th spot and have a record of 42-34 going into the last lap of the season. They travel to the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas, to face the Dallas Mavericks next.

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