“Don’t think we said a word to each other” – Klay Thompson REVEALS truth about friendship with Steph Curry

Klay Thomson talks about his relationship with Stephen Curry.

“Don’t think we said a word to each other” – Klay Thompson REVEALS truth about friendship with Steph Curry

Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry (image via YT and AP Photos)

Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson are recognized as one of the best pairs in modern NBA history. With four championship wins, they’ve left an unforgettable impact on the Golden State Warriors. Despite the perception that their bond was always unbreakable, it’s fascinating to note that the duo commenced their journey as total strangers. In fact, they didn’t engage in conversation for a significant stretch of time.

During a recent episode of the “Podcast P with Paul George,” Klay Thompson revealed that he and Stephen Curry actually didn’t communicate with each other during their rookie year together. “I don’t really have that many stories about Steph from my rookie year because we didn’t really speak that much. I was so quiet.” Thompson discussed how he differed from Draymond Green in the dynamics of the team, calling himself “anti-Draymond” of the team.


Thompson shared how he and Green had opposite styles on the court. While Draymond was vocal and interactive, Thompson described himself as the “quiet assassin,” preferring to work silently in the background and do his job without drawing attention, which was the opposite of Green’s more noticeable approach.

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The evolution of Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry

Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry
Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry (image via USA Today Sports)

In Klay Thompson’s rookie year, Stephen Curry was limited to just 26 games on the court, which hindered their opportunity to develop chemistry. Due to their limited playing time together, they couldn’t build a strong connection. However, it wasn’t until the 2014 FIBA World Cup that the two of them began engaging in regular conversations, marking the turning point in their partnership.


As per Thompson, “I was so quiet, our relationship really didn’t build until third year when we played for the USA team and we finally hung out off the court”

In an unexpected twist, their relationship might not have blossomed if not for basketball legend Clyde Drexler’s playful jab during a golf outing. The incident unfolded when Clyde Drexler and Dominique Wilkins, engaged in a golf game, playfully teased the duo of Thompson and Curry. Thompson said, “Clyde just kept making fun of us like ‘look at these country club swings’…That was the first time me and Steph talked to each other.

Since that moment, the pair has consistently stood by one another’s side, offering unwavering support whenever the occasion arises. With their sights set on completing their 13th season playing together, the duo is determined to secure their fifth championship.


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