Kyle Kuzma DESTROYS Wizards teammates, claims team ‘can’t guard a stop sign’

Kyle Kuzma had a great game against the Wizards but couldn't uplift the team from its lossing streak.

Kyle Kuzma DESTROYS Wizards teammates, claims team ‘can’t guard a stop sign’

Kyle Kuzma (Credits: Sports Illustrated and Bleacher Report)

The Washington Wizards and Orlando Magic were playing in Florida on Wednesday night. They gave up over thirty points in each of the game’s four quarters, ultimately losing 139–120. The Washington Wizards are having a terrible season despite Kyle Kuzma’s excellent play; they have dropped 10 of their previous 11 games. Kuzma asserts that the Wizards’ deficiency in defense causes their problems.

After the Washington Wizards’ 139-120 loss to the Orlando Magic on Wednesday, Kuzma gave a very candid interview regarding the defense, according to Josh Robbins of The Athletic. Someone asked Kuzma how the game became uncontrollable. He talked about how the Wizards routinely allow the opposition to score points at will with no opposition. He went on to say that until the problem is fixed, they will keep getting blown out.


Kyle Kuzma said:

We can't guard a stop sign. That's kind of really what it boils down to. We let anybody get whatever they want on us. So, until we change that, then that's probably going to be the result.

In a match between the worst teams in the NBA, the Washington Wizards defeated the Detroit Pistons 126-107 on Monday, led by 32 points and 12 rebounds from Kyle Kuzma. The victory snapped the Washington Wizards‘ nine-game losing streak. But Washington let three Magic players score twenty-two or more points. Thus, as Kuzma noted, if they want to be stronger competitors in the future, they will probably need to make significant defensive improvements.

Kyle Kuzma named in Forbes’ 30 Under 30

Kyle Kuzma is having an excellent season on his own. A career-high 23.4 points, 6.2 rebounds, and 4.8 assists are what he averages per game. Kuzma’s business endeavors are also having an impact on the court. They listed him among Forbes’ 30 under 30 thanks to them. His age is 28 and in addition, he is honoring the terms of his four-year, $102 million contract, which went into effect this season.

Kyle Kuzma
Kyle Kuzma (Credits: Foz News)

Forbes mentioned that Kuzma was a co-founder of the sports drink Barcode. Barcode’s advertisements prominently feature Kuzma, but this past summer also saw the signing of Victor Wembanyama, a forward for the San Antonio Spurs. Kuzma has additionally worked with PUMA in addition to his own company, Childhood Dreams.

One of the Wizards’ few shining stars this year has been Kyle Kuzma. As he has developed into Washington’s undeniable top offensive option, his shooting efficiency, PPG, and APG all set career highs. But it’s unclear if they see him as a potential franchise cornerstone given the Wizards’ difficulties.

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