Kyle Kuzma’s generous $60,000 gift to female inmates warms Kevin Durant’s heart

Kevin Durant acknowledges Kyle Kuzma for his good intentions of helping people in need.

Kyle Kuzma’s generous $60,000 gift to female inmates warms Kevin Durant’s heart

Kyle Kuzma and Kevin Durant (Image via Open Source/X)

Kyle Kuzma plays for the Washington Wizards as a forward. He was selected in the 2017 draft and has had a decent playing career. Recently, he did something else which has won him accolades amongst the NBA community.

Back in 2019, Kuzma founded the Kyle Kuzma Family Foundation. It focuses primarily on helping single mothers and their children to lead a better life. This year, the foundation teamed up with I.G.N.I.T.E. and R.I.S.E., two organizations that focus on supporting female inmates who are about to return to normal society.


At the Genesee County Jail, located in his hometown of Flint, Michigan, Kuzma took part in the 23rd I.G.N.I.T.E. graduation ceremony. He donated $60,000 towards benefits for the soon-to-be-released inmates. He also distributed gifts to the kids of the inmates.

This effort of solidarity and kindness prompted Phoenix Suns forward Kevin Durant to repost Kuzma’s effort on his Twitter account. He was warmed by Kuzma’s selfless deeds.

As a fellow professional who is also well known for giving back to the community, Durant admired Kuzma’s efforts. Durant understands this is a unique and beautiful way to give back to the community.


It is not normal for people to help those who are incarcerated. Kuzma’s mother raised him on her own, all while doing two jobs. That dedication is what inspired Kyle Kuzma to give back and help those in need.

Kyle Kuzma is playing better than ever this season

Kuzma has come a long way in the NBA. He is currently playing for the Washington Wizards. Presently playing in his 7th season, Kuzma is averaging career highs of 23.4 points and 4.8 assists per game, as well as pulling down 6.2 rebounds. He won the NBA championship alongside LeBron James playing for the Los Angeles Lakers in the 2020 NBA Bubble.

Kyle Kuzma
Kyle Kuzma is posting career highs for the Wizards this season (Image via Twitter)

Kuzma has earned over $60 million during his playing career. And he intends to use those earnings to do good deeds for those in need.


The star forward’s inspired generosity is a great way to give back. Hopefully, this deed will inspire others to do the same. Wizards are set to play against the Orlando Magic on Wednesday.

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