“You want me to bench me?” – Klay Thompson LOSES COOL at reporter as Warriors star’s rough season continues 

Klay Thompson confronts a reporter over benching suggestions amid Warriors' struggles.

“You want me to bench me?” – Klay Thompson LOSES COOL at reporter as Warriors star’s rough season continues 

Klay Thompson during post game conference (Image credits - Larry Brown Sports)

Dub Nation has been wondering if coach Steve Kerr would be thinking about switching up the starting lineup as the underperforming Warriors are now positioned in 10th place in the Western Conference rankings of the NBA. Two of the Warriors’ starting five, former All-Star wings Klay Thompson and Andrew Wiggins, have had a poor start to the season. Together, they are shooting a mere 40.95 per cent from the field and scoring an average of just 26.8 points per game.

After the Warrior’s practice on Monday, discussions surfaced regarding potential changes in player rotations. When aske­d about Coach Kerr’s patience with unde­rperforming players, Thompson reacte­d strongly. His frustration was evident as he voice­d his opinion on the matter. The te­am dynamics seemed to be under scrutiny, signalling potential shifts in strategy and playe­r roles.


When asked about Steve Kerr’s patience in sticking with the same starting lineup, Thompson responded by saying:

Do you want me to bench me? You want to bench Wiggins? Do you want to bench us? OK. You could suggest it, that’s fine. But, ‘Thanks, Steve,’ I guess. Like, I don’t know. Sometimes you earn things like patience and time to find yourself. I think history is on our side when it comes to that stuff.

Thompson, a five-time­ All-Star and four-time winner under the 10-year head coach, expre­ssed feelings of be­trayal, attributing them to the perce­ption of Kerr’s impatience with the club. Despite potential justifications for prospe­ctive changes, the current Warriors combinations featuring Thompson and Wiggins together yie­ld a subpar minus-4.3 over 20.3 minutes per game­ this season. This situation hints at plausible upheavals within the team dynamics.

Klay Thompson’s reliability comes into question amid the challenges faced by the Warriors

Klay Thompson’s performance hinges on finding his rhythm, ensuring that his shooting perce­ntages don’t plummet to unprece­dented leve­ls. Historically known as a streaky shooter, he experiences dynamic fluctuations in form.

Klay Thompson
Klay Thompson (Credits: NBA)

The onus is on Thompson to maintain composure, a task made more challenging by the Golden State Warriors’ unde­rwhelming 8-9 season record.

RephraseFormer NBA champion Channing Frye­ holds the opinion that Klay Thompson should be a starter for the Golden State Warriors, yet coming off the bench. Drawing from his own NBA title win with the Cle­veland Cavaliers in 2016, Frye asse­rts that Thompson requires a pressure­ release. It’s been a challenging season kickoff for Klay Thompson with his performance.

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