“If bum a*s did this when it mattered he’d have a ring” – Devin Booker gets ROASTED by NBA fans for flexing game-winner against Knicks

Booker's last-second heroics against the Knicks were overshadowed by the fan reactions to him flexing on Instagram soon after the game.

“If bum a*s did this when it mattered he’d have a ring” – Devin Booker gets ROASTED by NBA fans for flexing game-winner against Knicks

Devin Booker against the New York Knicks (Via AP)

Devin Booker, the Phoenix Suns‘ star guard, recently found himself at the center of attention after hitting a game-winning three-pointer against the New York Knicks. While this moment should have been a triumphant highlight, it quickly turned sour as NBA fans took to social media to roast Booker.

The game-winner itself was a remarkable feat, showcasing Booker’s undeniable talent and ability to perform under pressure. However, the aftermath saw Booker posting and flexing about the shot on social media, which didn’t sit well with many fans. They accused him of being overly self-congratulatory, especially considering his and the Suns’ past performances in crucial games, notably the NBA Finals.


The backlash was swift and brutal, with fans taking to Twitter to express their disappointment and frustration. The criticism wasn’t just about the shot, but rather his reference to a five-year-old video as he captioned the post “Always complainin’ bout the double.”

From his early days as a promising young talent to becoming one of the faces of the Phoenix Suns, Devin Booker‘s journey in the NBA has been marked by both dazzling highs and notable lows. His evolution as a player is a testament to his hard work and skill, but it also highlights the relentless pressure and scrutiny that comes with being an NBA star.

Fan reactions to Devin Booker’s ‘self-worship’

Booker’s history in crucial playoff games has been a mixed bag. While he has delivered some memorable performances, his inability to lead the Suns to an NBA championship, particularly in the 2021 NBA Finals, remains a glaring omission in his otherwise stellar career. This context added fuel to the fans’ criticisms following his recent game-winner against the Knicks.

Devin Booker
Devin Booker is one of the most skilled players in the NBA, but tends to choke in the playoffs (Via Associated Press)

Fan reactions on Twitter ranged from humorous to outright critical. Here are some of the tweets:

Despite the criticism, Booker’s talent and potential cannot be overlooked. He has consistently been one of the top performers for the Suns and is seen as a key figure in their quest for an NBA title. However, the journey to that elusive championship ring is as much about mental strength and team chemistry as it is about individual talent.

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