Kyrie Irving posts highly cryptic tweet suggesting he wants out of Brooklyn Nets

Read to know more about the Kyrie Irving trade situation at Brooklyn which resulted in the star tweeting cryptic messages.

Kyrie Irving
Kyrie Irving

There is no denying that Kyrie Irving is one of the league’s finest point guards and that he is an exceptional ballhandler with the capacity to score on all three levels. However, he has drawn criticism this season for his unreliability, and the Brooklyn Nets saw a lot of drama as a result of Irving’s part-time status. Despite his skill, Kyrie Irving may decide to leave the Brooklyn Nets in the end. The Los Angeles Lakers and Brooklyn Nets are reportedly in talks to trade the point guard, according to recent reports.

On Thursday, Kevin Durant asked for a trade, therefore ending his career at Brooklyn and effectively ending Irving’s as well. While several teams are interested in Durant, only the Los Angeles Lakers are taking Kyrie seriously. In a potential blockbuster trade for Irving, Russell Westbrook is said to go to the Nets, reuniting the guard with LeBron James in Los Angeles. In this latest situation, Kyrie was seen posting cryptic tweets indicating he surely wants out of Brooklyn.

Kyrie Irving on his choice to trade out of Brooklyn with Kevin Durant.

Kyrie Irving chose to sign a deal with the Nets until the 2022–2023 season, but Durant put in his trade request the very following day. Just 103 games were played in by Irving throughout his three seasons with the Brooklyn Nets. It was a failed experiment because controversy surrounded his presence in New York at every turn, from the vaccine dispute to the sporadic unscheduled disappearance. With Kevin Durant, the same might be said, primarily because of injuries. Due to a persistent Achilles injury, he missed the entirety of his first season with the Nets and has only appeared in 90 games over the past two seasons.

Where Kyrie will wind up is still unknown. The Los Angeles Lakers are undoubtedly the team that is getting the most attention, but an executive from the Eastern Conference thought the Dallas Mavericks may be a better fit for him. If Kyrie is saying that the Nets won’t let him go, it’s entirely his responsibility. Irving was not required to consent and he did it because he believed Durant would stay as that was altered in the last few seconds.

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Kyrie Irving just sent out a tweet that may have been interpreted as him preparing to leave the Brooklyn Nets. The Tweet’s image of a bird soaring out of a cage makes clear its significance. It is clearly obvious that Irving and Durant’s futures will be the main topic of discussion throughout the NBA summer. It’s a bad they couldn’t come to an agreement with the Nets, but it now seems the team will just try to acquire as many assets as it can and begin to retool rather than completely rebuild.

Without a question, Kyrie Irving has the ability to make or break any team’s chances of winning a championship. Because of his playing style, he could serve as the No. 2 option next to almost any superstar. We can only hope that Kyrie Irving finds himself in a favourable scenario where he may prosper and showcase his abilities. He’s had a difficult few years, but perhaps all he needs is a fresh start.

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