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“The King abandoned the kingdom, I had to save it” Kyrie Irving reflects being drafted by a directionless Cleveland Cavaliers

Kyrie Irving reflects on being drafted after LeBron James had left the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2010

Kyrie Irving was one of the biggest things that had ever happened to the NBA and the tale continues every season. Now this statement may not particularly be only a positive on him but it also pertains to his controversial history of the recent past. But this does not discredit his talent in any way.

Kyrie Irving

Kai was drafted No.1 Overall in 2011 by a team that was lacking direction and a leader. LeBron James, who was called the saviour of the Cleveland Cavaliers had left to the Miami Heat during free agency. The King carried the team for seven long seasons before feeling he needed to go to a title contender.

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Kyrie Irving reflects on draft night

Lebron James and Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving sat with the UNINTERRUPTED crew alongside Actor Idris Elba. “I have to fill those shoes that were very uncomfortable for me because at that point in my life I didn’t know where I wanted to go. I was watching the 30 for 30, on a decision, a year later I was drafted into that Cleveland emotional train of the prodigal son, the chosen one has left.

He continued, “And here we had this 19 year old, I’m 6″2, I’m not jumping out of the gym. So when I took on that pressure as my own, I felt like I gotta bring Cleveland back to the promise land. That’s a solo act!” The former rookie of the year was a spectacle to watch on the floor and quickly took over as the Cavs’ offensive leader averaging 22.5 points by his second season.

In 2014, James decided to return to the Cavs which was one the biggest decisions he had made. His intent was to join forces with the young rookie and build a championship team. In 2016, the duo would do just that by winning the NBA Championship over the 73-9 Golden State Warriors.

Bron averaged 26.4 points, 8.7 rebounds, 8.6 assists per game and Kyrie Irving put up 25.2 points shooting 47.3% from the field. Kai would be the biggest reason behind their victory after hitting a game winning three-pointer over Stephen Curry, a shot that is considered as one of the coldest moments in league history

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