Lakers losing to Nuggets on Kobe Bryant’s statue unveiling day has fans fuming 

Fans have come up with strong reactions to LA Lakers losing on the day of Kobe Bryant's statue unveiling.

Lakers losing to Nuggets on Kobe Bryant’s statue unveiling day has fans fuming 

The Los Angeles Lakers lost to the Denver Nuggets on the very night Kobe Bryant's statue was unveiled (Los Angeles Times, NBA)

On a night drenched in homage and memory, the Los Angeles Lakers clashed with the Denver Nuggets, only to find themselves on the losing end of a 114-106 scoreline. This game marked the unveiling of a statue in memory of Kobe Bryant, a titan in the Lakers’ lore and the wider NBA universe, leaving fans and followers with feelings ranging from disappointment to outright anger.

The game itself was a whirlwind. Despite rallying in the third quarter, the Lakers couldn’t turn the tide, succumbing to the Nuggets. This defeat marks their seventh consecutive loss to Denver, a detail that hurts even more on a night meant to honor Kobe’s towering legacy.

Vanessa Bryant was clearly emotional at the private unveiling ceremony as she expressed her gratitude for everyone’s support:

I’m thankful for all the fans. This moment isn’t just for Kobe, but it’s for all of you who've supported him through the years.

The unveiling of Kobe’s statue, capturing the Lakers icon in his renowned No. 8 jersey, was envisioned as a season highlight—a moment of solidarity and joy. Yet, the evening ended on a disappointing note, with the Los Angeles Lakers failing to clinch a victory in honor of their departed hero.

The Lakers’ early game performance was underwhelming, trailing by 10 points by halftime. Despite Anthony Davis scoring 32 points and LeBron James adding 25, they were not able to fend off the Denver Nuggets’ charge. It was spearheaded by Jamal Murray’s 29 points and Nikola Jokic’s almost triple-double (24 points, 13 rebounds and 9 assists).

Fans ridicule Lakers, target head coach Darvin Ham after seventh consecutive loss to the Nuggets

Kobe Bryant is a name on the lips of every NBA fan when it comes to being the best Laker ever, and it’s not even close. His legacy went beyond just basketball and his tragic passing in January 2020 was a shock for many. The night was about honoring his memory and it ended with what Kobe Bean Bryant hated the most: losing.

Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna passed away with seven others in a tragic helicopter crash near Los Angeles on 26 January 2020 (Via: Associated Press)

Fans expressed their resentment for the team’s inability to show up against good teams when needed:

The fans have made it quite clear that they are extremely disappointed. The pressure on coach Darvin Ham has been immense, reflecting the team’s performance. After winning the In-Season Tournament and having LeBron and AD set records for the franchise, their current situation is not ‘showtime’. Lakers are barely clinging to a play-in spot in the west, with a win rate just above 50%.

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