“People writing weirdo sh*t” Larsa Pippen bursts out on fans after LeBron James’ son gets caught thirsting over 48-year-old divorcee

“People writing weirdo sh*t” Larsa Pippen bursts out on fans after LeBron James’ son gets caught thirsting over 48-year-old divorcee

Larsa Pippen, Bronny James

After things took a negative turn on social media, Larsa Pippen, LeBron James, and Savannah reacted angrily to false reports that Bronny James had DM’d her and liked her photographs on Instagram.

Back in 2020, when Bronny James liked a picture of Scottie Pippen’s ex-wife Larsa Pippen, the internet surged. Both Bronny and Larsa have an easy target on their backs on the Internet because of their recent public histories.


These prominent basketball player’s family get a significant number of trolls. What initially appeared to be a rather random issue on the internet for trolls to discuss quickly erupted into a full-fledged debate with several sides making their opinions known. A group of NBA fans made fun of Bronny in jest, which was disgusting because Scotty Pippen Jr., Larsa’s oldest kid, is a close friend of Bronny’s and is 4 years older.

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Who is Larsa Pippen and how did she become famous?

Larsa Pippen’s rise to fame has been facilitated by her marriage to NBA player Scottie Pippen. The couple has four kids together after being married in 1997: Scotty Jr., Preston, Justin, and Sophia. They split in 2016 after being married for more than 20 years. Larsa and Scottie eventually resumed their romance. However, they reportedly filed for divorce once more in 2018 amid allegations that she had an affair with rapper Future. Larsa, however, has refuted the idea that their divorce was brought on by unfaithfulness. A year before she formally ended her relationship with Scottie in 2020, she was afterwards spotted with NBA player Malik Beasley.


Because of Larsa’s former relationships, Scottie Pippen and his ex-wife have frequently been referenced in the headlines over the past few years. Up until around seven years ago, the power couple’s relationship was perfect. After the Chicago Bulls stars’ initial divorce, they began dating about 1990. In 1997, they chose to be married after Pippen had backed Michael Jordan, the Chicago Bulls, and himself in winning five championships. After that, Scottie and Larsa experienced an emotional rollercoaster as their relationship came to a turbulent conclusion.

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Bronny James seen thirsting over Larsa

Black Sports Online previously stated that 16-year-old Bronny James liked 46-year-old Pippen’s Instagram pictures and had apparently contacted her in her direct message (DM). Being James’ son and being well-known for both his basketball and internet streaming, Bronny has amassed a sizable following on his own. First, Bronny made sure to make his plans known to everyone as soon as the internet erupted with memes and labelled the trolls as “childish.” While cursing all the “weirdos,” Larsa Pippen also expressed her thoughts. All the trash who were cracking such jokes were harshly called out by Pippen. Lebron and Savannah James, who are members of the James family, shared their outrage too.


Being a grown-up and presumably fantasizing for a stunning star like Larsa is one thing. The age gap between Bronny and Larsa, however, is so great that the jokes don’t even remotely pass as hilarious. When a youngster displays personal conduct that is significantly more mature than a large group of “adults,” it is highly revealing. Bronny’s reaction is vastly different from the one he gave to the trolls and this makes us understand that internet is a merciless place.

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