WATCH: “It’s basketball b**ch!” leaked audio reveals Draymond Green, Grant Williams, and Lester Quinones trash talk during brawl

The Warriors and Hornets players got heated with just a few seconds left in the game.

WATCH: “It’s basketball b**ch!” leaked audio reveals Draymond Green, Grant Williams, and Lester Quinones trash talk during brawl

An audio was leaked revealing players conversation during the Warriors and Hornets brawl (Images via AP photo/X)

On Friday, many teams in the NBA got into altercations during games. One of them was during the Golden State Warriors vs. the Charlotte Hornets game. With nine seconds left in the game, two players started scuffling on the court.


Lester Quinones missed a layup on Miles Bridges‘ defense. After missing the layup, Bridges pushed Quinones and got pushed back.

After witnessing this, Grant Williams immediately came at Lester’s face. As expected, referees, players, and coaching staff separated the players quickly. However, before separating, the players were verbally going at each other.

Later, without being physically involved, Draymond Green started talking trash to Williams. In the leaked audio of the brawl, it seems like Bridges was upset by Lester for attempting the layup in the final seconds. Lester and Williams were then ejected from the game.

What do you mean? It’s basketball, b*tch. 
To which Lester replies

Notably, Green, Bridges, Steph Curry, and Seth Curry were seen discussing the matter after the end of the game. In the post-game press conference, Green called Williams out while talking about the altercation.

Draymond Green defends Miles Bridges during the press conference

During the press conference post-game, Draymond Green was asked about his take on the exchange that happened in the last ten seconds of the game.

Draymond Green during his press conference
Draymond Green addresses the Warriors vs Hornets brawl (Image via X)

Green started by talking about the unwritten rule in the NBA. Bridges was upset by Lester Quinones taking a shot in the final seconds while the Warriors already had the lead by eleven points.

Players often see this as a gesture of disrespect. Green explained that he does not understand why players get bothered by such incidents and called it a sore loser type of behavior.

Miles is my guy, he's my lil brother. So, I'm not gonna sit here and go on on Miles. Miles can't do no wrong to me.
He continued by defending Bridges

As expected, Green’s statement regarding Bridges did not sit well with NBA fans based on Bridges’ history. But Bridges kept aside, Green talked about Williams saying he should drop his ‘Tough Guy’ persona as it is not going to work for him. And that he should not try to be an unlikable player.

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