“He’s a legend, he’s an icon… that boy was cold,” LeBron James labels Dirk Nowitzki as the GREATEST International Player Ever

“He’s a legend, he’s an icon… that boy was cold,” LeBron James labels Dirk Nowitzki as the GREATEST International Player Ever

LeBron James, recognized as arguably the greatest player ever had very high regard for one of his biggest rivals from the 2010s. He set the record straight with whom he thought was the greatest player ever from outside the United States. Coming from Bron, this could mean a lot as he is, who he is.


During a meet with the media, LeBron James finalized Dirk Nowitzki as the greatest international player ever. The European legend was a problem from the Western Conference that actually had LeBron run for his money. The Dallas Mavericks were the top team to beat for several years because of him.

The King said, “He’s a legend, he’s an icon. I think he’s the greatest international player ever, I’ll put it right there with Manu (Ginobili). What he brought here, what he brought to thr city… that boy was cold man, that boy was cold.” He further said, “He revolutionized… like a stretch-foward.”

LeBron James showered Dirk with more compliments of his ability to work both ends of the floor and dominate offensively within the paint and in outside shooting. Nowitzki was very well known for the one-legged jumper that he often used. These days, the technique is being used by Nikola Jokic and Luka Doncic. The latter is considered to be the next big thing in Dallas.


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The American Airlines and Mavericks honor Dirk Nowitzki with a statue

Dirk Nowitzki

Dirk Nowitzki is a legend no doubt. Many people continue to celebrate his existence and so did the Mavericks on Christmas Day. It would have been quite a surprise for the legendary player as well after the Mavs unveiled a statue of him outside the arena. The statue was brought in by a crane and the curtains were unveiled by Dirk and his little boy.

Nowitzki statue was made in tribute of his iconic one-legged fade away shot. “Merry Christmas! Thank you guys for sharing your Christmas morning with us and with me. It means a ton, I’m truly humbled. I’m going to leave you guys with a motto. It is actually 21 letters for 21 years, and I think it sums up my career here for the Dallas Mavericks perfectly. And it says, ‘Loyalty never fades away,'” he addressed the crowd that day.

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