“These are kids and we keep putting them in harm’s way at school!” LeBron James mourns over the Robb Elementary School horrific shooting in Texas on May 25

Robb Elementary School shooting leaves the world dumbfound, Lebron James calls out for better protection relating to arms and ammunition

Lebron James condemns Texas shooting
Lebron James condemns Texas shooting

People around the world were dumbfound, including the legendary NBA player Lebron James, as hearts sank with dismay due to a tragic shooting taking place in an Elementary School in Texas. Steve Kerr’s pregame press conference had nothing to do with basketball ahead of Game 4 of the Western Conference finals between the Warriors and Mavericks on Tuesday, as he couldn’t hold back his emotions, following such a traumatizing turn of events in Uvalde, Texas. Since the, multiple athletes in and around NBA supported the coach’s view and offered to take up the challenge to make things better, one of them was Lebron James himself.

The air had a looming sense of despair all around, as everyone mourned the the loss of 19 children’s lives and 2 teachers as well, in a traumatic shooting at at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. Initial investigation out of Texas has revealed the deceased shooter as Salvador Ramos. Moreover, Senior investigators are confirming studies that he killed his grandmother earlier than the shooting at Robb Elementary School, in what is a numbing event to hear about.

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“Enough is Enough” Lebron James is fed up of putting kids at risk

LeBron james on Texas school shooting
LeBron James on Texas school shooting

The reason for such mass shooting incidents is unclear to everyone, but is indeed safe to say that the Unites States of America is bleeding more than ever. To those who are not aware, the Texas elementary school shooting is the deadliest attack since 2018 Marjory Stoneman Doughlas High School shooting in Parkland, Glorida, where 17 people were killed. Lebron James was overcome with profound grief upon hearing such news, and he took to Twitter to voice his concern over the growing mass-shooting crimes in America.

Lebron brings up point of major importance, how can kids be subject to such dangers in schools which are supposed to keep them safe and sound? How are people so easily committing crimes with guns in their hands? As Police officers collect information about how the event transpired, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has already given a press briefing. The shooting is now recorded as the deadliest shooting to happen in a school in Texas historical past. Abbott gave an outline of the thoughts-numbing particulars of the killing throughout a somber media briefing:

“He shot and killed, horrifically, incomprehensibly, 14 students and killed a teacher. … He himself is deceased. It is believed that responding officers killed him” Abbot declared. The horrifying event must have hit Lebron James very hard as he also built a public elementary school in his native Akron, Ohio.

United States has been plagued with Mass Shootings as of late with 1.5 incidents occurring everyday on average. President Joe Biden was stunned when he heard the news and addressed the nation saying, “this cannot go on any longer”. As we try to calm ourselves in these tough times, our heart goes out to the family of these little angels, whose grief is incomprehensible to us. We wish them strength and hope, and pray that such events never occur in the future.

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