LeBron James retiring? BOMBSHELL news breaks following Lakers’ embarassing exit from playoffs

Is LeBron James planning to switch teams or finally call it a career after 20 beautiful years?

LeBron James retiring? BOMBSHELL news breaks following Lakers’ embarassing exit from playoffs

LeBron James (Image Via Getty)

The Denver Nuggets delivered a crushing blow to the LA Lakers, eliminating them from the playoffs in a clean sweep. Securing a 113-11 victory in Game 4, the Nuggets relied on Nikola Jokic’s incredible performance as he posted yet another triple-double. As a result of this triumph, the Nuggets have earned their spot in the NBA Finals. They will face the victor of the series between the Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics. Despite LeBron James’ remarkable individual efforts that propelled his team to this stage in the playoffs, their progress was halted.


LeBron James continued his excellence in Game 4 as he scored a record-breaking 31 points in the first half and a total of 40 points in the game. James found himself alone in the effort to make a comeback, and in the end, succumbed to the Nikola Jokic-led Nuggets. After the loss, James spoke to the media, making some important statements about the Nuggets and then his future.

James was asked about the “4-game series” and his thoughts regarding the same. He proceeded to give credit to the Nuggets for the team they were and praised them. James said, “Me and AD [Anthony Davis] were just talking in the locker room… They’re [Nuggets] probably the best team that we’ve played since we’ve been together for our four years.”

James was also asked about his future moving forward from this clean sweep. His cryptic answer left fans baffled, asking for an explanation. James said, “Just personally, with me moving forward with the game of basketball, I got a lot to think about.”


Does this mean James could be quitting the game of basketball? Or does it mean he could be on his way out of the Los Angeles Lakers? The only thing we know is that it can be interpreted in many ways!

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LeBron James uncertain future with the LA Lakers; reports emerge that he may be considering retirement

LeBron James
LeBron James (AP)

After LeBron James’ comments were made post-game, fans are questioning the King’s future in the league. However, Chris Haynes dropped a bombshell with the latest updates on James’ future.

“Lakers star LeBron James is uncertain if he’ll be with the team when the 2023-24 season starts in the fall, and retirement is under consideration, league sources tell Bleacher Report, TNT,” wrote Haynes.


After 20 years, if this is it for LeBron, he will leave the game as the all-time leader in scoring, having passed Kareem Abdul-Jabbar this season and first all-time in postseason scoring by a large margin.

If not retirement, could this mean that LeBron James is looking to move to another franchise? Some fans speculate this could also be coming out of the cryptic statement. Back in August 2022, LeBron James agreed to a two-year, $97.1 million contract extension through the 2024-25 season with the Los Angeles Lakers. The league-maximum deal made James the highest-paid player in NBA history. His deal included a player option that would have kept him in the Lakers past 2024.

It’ll be interesting to see if James plans to switch teams or finally call it a career after 20 beautiful years. While James’ cryptic statement is being speculated to mean several things, fans will only hope for him to stay in the league and continue playing.

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