“You calling people b***hes out here?” – LeBron James should have FOUGHT Ime Udoka for despicable remark, suggest former NBA star

Gilbert Arenas and others weigh in on the altercation between LeBron and Udoka, say referee's should not have decided the outcome

“You calling people b***hes out here?” – LeBron James should have FOUGHT Ime Udoka for despicable remark, suggest former NBA star

LeBron James and Ime Udoka arguing in front of the referee (Image via Twitter)

The altercation between LeBron James and Ime Udoka has sparked discussions across the world. During the GilsArenaShow, Gilbert Arenas was talking with Kenyon Martin Sr and Rasheed Wallace about the incident.

Kenyon Martin Sr. is heard on the show saying;

For a coach to have those things to say, I think Bron should've taken it a little further in that moment. You callin' people bitches out here, let's see who your talkin' about, dog?

During the discussion, Wallace talks about the mentality of Ime Udoka. He noted that Udoka was known for his dog mentality. Hence, it was not surprising to see him not back down when talking to James.

They further discuss that LeBron James should have put the coach in his place and confronted Ime Udoka. The referees also could have just let them finish their argument.

Gilbert Arenas agrees with this notion that the referees should not have called technical fouls on both James and Udoka for a verbal altercation. Arenas says neither James nor Udoka would have taken it to any level of physicality. So, the duo should have completed their altercation on the court itself.


Did the referees get too involved?

The altercation between James and Udoka started with Udoka taunting James for calling for fouls during the game. His displeasure with the number of foul calls being called against his Rockets team invoked Udoka to yell at James.

LeBron James and Gilbert Arenas
LeBron James and Gilbert Arenas (Image via Twitter)

NBA referees have been called out many times this season for getting too involved in games. The trio discussed that the referees should have let the altercation play out and let the game continue. Instead, the whole world is talking about the technical fouls and Udoka’s ejection.

Had the referees let the situation play out, maybe it would not have blown up. With both James and Udoka being silent about what was said, one would wonder if LeBron would have confronted Udoka the way Kenyon Martin suggests.


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