‘LeBron should’ve asked the Lakers to trade him,” Skip Bayless makes a bold statement on how Kyrie Irving’s trade could have helped Lakers star

Skip Bayless claims Lebron James' best shot at winning another ring would be by joining KD at the Brooklyn Nets.

‘LeBron should’ve asked the Lakers to trade him,” Skip Bayless makes a bold statement on how Kyrie Irving’s trade could have helped Lakers star

While discussing the Kyrie Irving trade on Undisputed, Skip Bayless mentioned a way Lebron James could have involved himself to benefit both parties. He described it as a grand hypothetical plan which involved Lebron being traded for Kyrie Irving.


“Lebron never would have done this, but to maximize his opportunity to win at least another ring would be to have Kyrie traded straight up for Lebron. Of course, that would involve going to Brooklyn to do it and I don’t think he wants to give up his homestead“, said Skip Bayless.

Shannon Sharpe was utterly perplexed at this suggestion. “You think the Lakers are going to trade Kyrie for Lebron?” he said. This is a valid point as Los Angeles never traded away its superstars. Skip brought up the age factor as Kyrie is just 30 and Lebron is 38. However, Shannon Sharpe replied, “Who do you think is putting more butts in the seats?”.

Lebron James is a megastar and there is no other NBA player in America who attracts more attention than the King. The Lakers have fans traveling from all over the world to watch The King play. If the trade was done it would be a bad business decision more than anything. “The Lakers are about superstars, that’s why they move heaven and earth to get them,” said Shannon Sharpe.


Skip Bayless agreed with Shannon Sharpe’s view but said that this was hypothetically the best way for Lebron to win a ring. “Kyrie to me is ultimately more trouble than he is worth“, said Skip Bayless. However, he did mention that Lebron is the one person capable of managing Kyrie. “I would give Lebron a much better shot than anybody else of handling Kyrie“, said Skip.

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Kyrie going to Dallas makes Lebron’s life much more difficult

Kyrie Irving’s camp maintained that his first choice was always the Los Angeles Lakers. However, Joe Tsai, the Nets GM, made sure that did not happen. Some people felt it was quite petty of him and Lebron feels this way for sure. Even if Lebron is able to drag this team to the playoffs, he will have Luka and Kyrie in the way now. Kyrie Irving is playing in the Western Conference for the first time in his career. Although he has played against Lebron in the regular season, the playoffs will be different.

If the Lakers somehow manage to make the playoffs there is a very high chance they face Dallas. Dallas themselves is a 4-5 seed now and could improve to a 2-3 seed with Kyrie. However, the Laker’s best shot at the playoffs is the Play-in Tournament. That means they will be the 7 or 8 seed. If the Mavericks can claim a high seed while the Lakers scrape through, Lebron v Kyrie is a possible first-round matchup.


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