“Ill pay anything“ Magic Johnson paid $1 Million to wife to be able to touch basketball again

“Ill pay anything“ Magic Johnson paid $1 Million to wife to be able to touch basketball again

Magic Johnson and Cookie Johnson

Magic Johnson gave his wife Cookie Johnson $1 million so that he could resume playing basketball after his retirement. When Johnson unexpectedly tested positive for HIV during his stellar tenure with the Lakers, he attempted to make a return with a settlement 4 years later.


The ceremonial master for the Lakes how was Earvin “Magic” Johnson. Living true to his namesake, Magic enthralled the crowd and caused everyone to rise up from their seats. As a result of Magic’s skill at employing innovative basketball to strengthen his teams, the Lakers became entertainers and he became one of the most adored basketball players in history.

Johnson learned he had HIV towards the end of his widely acclaimed career during a physical before the 1991–92 season. Magic instantly announced his retirement from basketball after the statement and the reactions that followed. It was a significant issue for him to handle at the time and a turning point in American history.

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The greatest point guard in the history of NBA- Magic Johnson

The 6-foot-9 point guard had an immediate impact with the Lakers and, because to his excellent passing and playmaking skills, helped usher in a new era for the NBA. Between 1982 and 1991, Johnson averaged a double-double while four times leading the NBA in assists. He was selected for the first of nine straight All-NBA first teams in 1983, and throughout the course of this time, he has earned three regular season MVP awards. Johnson commanded the Laker squad to five NBA titles while they were known as the “Showtime Lakers.” Over the course of his 13 NBA seasons, Johnson amassed 17,707 points, 6,559 rebounds, 10,141 assists, 1,724 steals, and other stats.

Magic Johnson informed the media during a news conference on November 7, 1991, that he had tested positive for HIV and would be leaving the NBA. Despite missing the 1991–92 season, Johnson was selected by the fans to play in the 1992 All-Star Game, where he won his second All-Star Game MVP title. He also participated in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, assisting “The Dream Team,” the greatest team ever assembled, in winning the gold medal. He still ranks among the top five Lakers players in terms of points, rebounds, steals, assists, triple-doubles, and minutes played. 

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Magic and his $1 million settlement with Cookie

Toward the close of the 1993–1994 season, Magic Johnson took over as the team’s head coach. However, coaching was never Magic’s desire. The 1995–96 season saw Magic return to the Lakers after deciding that playing for them once more was his true calling. But first, he had to ask his wife, Cookie, for her approval. Additionally, Cookie had some demands before allowing him to return, as he stated to the ‘Los Angeles Times’ at the period. He said: “My wife told me, ‘That’s it, one season and get out.’ Or she’ll leave me. Cookie always told me I was coming back: ‘I said, you haven’t given me your OK yet. So I bribed her. I gave her a million dollars.”


In one final appearance, Magic Johnson joined the Lakers for the 1995–1996 NBA season. Johnson’s comeback went well. Although he scored a respectable 14.6 points per game and handed out almost 7 assists, it wasn’t enough. He ultimately made the decision to go on his terms, perhaps encouraged by advice from contemporaries like Michael Jordan. The 1995 Lakers only advanced as far as the first round of the playoffs before being eliminated by the Houston Rockets, who also forced Magic Johnson back into retirement. Months later the same year, Johnson’s ambition to play basketball again altered as he decided to enjoy retirement and moved his attention to buying a basketball franchise.

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