Billionaire Mark Cuban’s email LEAKED promising $35 million in bonuses to Dallas Mavericks employees after selling team

Billionaire Mark Cuban’s email LEAKED promising $35 million in bonuses to Dallas Mavericks employees after selling team

Mark Cuban had a heartwarming gesture for the Mavericks organization. (Image via SI)

Dallas Mavericks’ long-term owner Mark Cuban was recently reported to have announced a heartwarming gesture for the entire organization. In an email that has been leaked on social media, Cuban can be seen promising a total of $35 million in bonuses to the Dallas Mavericks’ staff.


According to ESPN, Cuban did so in recognition of the hard work and commitment his staff has shown in recent months. The statement read:

As a thank you for all your hard work making the Mavs an amazing organization, each of you will be receiving a bonus from myself, and the Adelson and Dumont families. In total, we will be paying out approximately $35 Million Dollars plus in bonuses to you all.

The email also explained how the bonuses will be calculated. Cuban claimed that the amount of time the employees have spent with the organization will be taken into consideration, before going on to proclaim the franchise as the best, in all of sports:

To calculate your bonus, we used a framework that took into consideration how long you have worked for the Mavs. You will receive your bonus in the very near future. I'm excited to continue our work making the Mavs the best franchise in all of sports.

Hence, while the Mavericks’ superstars are being paid in the millions, it seems as if Cuban is intent on sharing some of the love with the entire organization as well. 


Dallas Mavericks need to improve to emerge as title contenders

The Dallas Mavericks last won the championship way back in 2011, during the days of Dirk Nowitzki. However, with the advent of a certain Luka Doncic in recent years, there has been optimism among fans that another ring will soon make its way to the city.

Kyrie Irving has not looked at his best alongside Luka Doncic. (Image via

This season, the Mavericks have counted on their big 2 Kyrie Irving and Luka Doncic to get the job done. While there have been difficult games, fans will be patient, especially considering how Luka Doncic is still seemingly getting used to playing around another ball handler.

Considering this is Irving’s second season, one can expect that a shakedown will be forthcoming if the Mavericks are not able to improve in the coming time. They are currently 21-15, which is good for the 6th spot in the Western Conference. That, for a team with two obvious generational players, is only an average showing.

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