“The ultimate COCAINE story!” Michael Jordan’s obsession sent his Bulls teammates under the bus

“The ultimate COCAINE story!” Michael Jordan’s obsession sent his Bulls teammates under the bus

Michael Jordan

One of the hottest stories in the sports world right now is ESPN’s “The Last Dance,” and it’s well known that Michael Jordan’s teammates aren’t pleased with what was disclosed on the programme. The NBA community and league’s reactions to it have been largely positive. It highlights the greatness of the Chicago Bulls’ dynasty under Michael Jordan. It is not surprising that the producers of “The Last Dance” chose to spotlight Michael Jordan’s excellence more because he reportedly gave the film his approval. They ultimately hurt the reputation of MJ’s teammates, though.


Jordan’s career was legendary as he entered the league as one of the most promising athletes and ended having lived up to all the expectations. Six titles, all won spectacularly and earned rather than handed in six finals appearances. The Last Dance was thought to be the only documentary that adequately illuminated MJ’s life. Although Jordan’s legacy speaks for itself, it was his persona and exceptional ability that truly impressed everyone. Consequently, many things had to come out as he talked about his life and o ne of these was the well-known “cocaine story.”

Michael Jordan, the greatest there ever is?

Without a question, one of the all-time or the greatest NBA player is Michael Jordan. His career stats rank among the best of all time, and his illustrious NBA Finals history adds even more grandeur to an already remarkable resume. Jordan was selected for 10 All-NBA first teams, he was among the best five basketball players for those ten seasons. Throughout his playing career, he also had the highest career scoring average (30.1 points per game) in league history. He set a league record by earning 10 scoring championships, nine first-team All-Defensive accolades, and five NBA Most Valuable Player awards. Each of the six NBA championships the Bulls won while he was their leading marksman, he emerged as the MVP.

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The famous cocaine story of MJ

Jordan wasn’t delighted with his friends’ cocaine addiction when he first entered the NBA and began his career. Dennis Rodman said his colleagues weren’t prepared for how the producers and Michael Jordan put the docuseries together. In a recent interview, Rodman stated that seeing the documentary gave him an incredible sensation. He acknowledged that it wasn’t the most impartial portrayal, though. He said: “The players were a little upset because they felt Michael was throwing them under the bus. ‘You guys wasn’t doing what I want you to do, I’m the greatest, I’m determined to win no matter what’.”

Jordan recalled being at a party before his rookie season in 1984 when he discovered several of his teammates doing lines of cocaine. Horace Grant, one of the teammates, did not react well to the cocaine narrative. He even claimed that MJ was lying since he was so outraged about it. We must admit that Jordan seemed to ignore how his former colleagues would be impacted by the docuseries while he was preoccupied with how the public would see him after viewing it.

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