Minor who Josh Giddey allegedly had s*x with hires Bill Cosby’s r*pe victim’s lawyers, as OKC star’s woes deepen

Gloria Allred is the attorney on record, representing the family of minor girl in the Josh Giddey scandal.

Minor who Josh Giddey allegedly had s*x with hires Bill Cosby’s r*pe victim’s lawyers, as OKC star’s woes deepen

Josh Giddey (via Fadeaway World).

The Josh Giddey scandal is gaining traction on a whole new level. According to recent developments, the minor who was supposedly involved with the 21-year-old for quite a time, with her family has officially hired Gloria Allred, who is known for representing the sexual assault victims in the Bill Cosby case.

The Newport Beach PD has already been in the process of investigating the specifics of the case. Although the NBA has also launched its investigation, there isn’t anything official from the league concerning Giddey’s future. Sources also suggest that as the police try their best to unveil the whole story, the minor girl’s family hasn’t been cooperating with the law enforcement entities.


As the investigation moves forward, fans and critics have so many questions as to the details of the case. The case is indeed a high-profile one now, especially with the attorney who will represent the girl’s family. Fans all across the basketball community are wondering, with hiring a lawyer like Allred, what could be the next big step? Is there going to be any settlement on the table? or maybe cooperating with law enforcement in the ongoing investigation?

As per the report by TMZ, the family’s newly hired lawyer Gloria Allred was confronted by the press to question her about any new developments in the case, To which Allred replied,

We represent the family and we have no comment.

With a powerful lawyer like Gloria repping for the family, it’s evident that the investigation is going to take a lot of time.


Josh Giddey’s agent gets fired by the agency

Josh Giddey’s agent Daniel Moldovan has been fired from the agency amidst finding himself in a different controversy that has nothing to do with his client’s scandal. The agency fired Giddey’s agent in light of his recent comments posted on his social media handles.

Josh Giddey Oklahoma City Thunder
Josh Giddey (via Fadeaway World)

Daniel Moldovan was seen ranting on his social media platforms against a BLM Post. The post was in favor of the people of Palestine who are in the middle of a war. Giddey’s agent’s rant was against any support for the Palestinian people which was followed by hate remarks.

The agency in a statement wrote,

Octagon became aware that Daniel Moldovan made divisive, disparaging, and corrosive remarks that do not represent our values or what we stand for.

With the ongoing scandal putting Josh Giddey’s career in jeopardy, the task of signing a new agent will be tough considering the investigations by law enforcement and the NBA.

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