“People here don’t wash their hands” – Knicks star reveals DISGUSTING truth about NBA players

Mitchell Robinson expresses his thoughts on the unhygienic behaviors of the players.

“People here don’t wash their hands” – Knicks star reveals DISGUSTING truth about NBA players

Mitchell Robinson (Via SI)

Mitchell Robinson III, the New York Knicks center, renowned for his uncommon closing speed and long reach, has been described by some analysts as “the best shot blocker in his class.” He offered an intriguing response when asked about why the basketball in the NBA is brown.


This season, he maintains an average of 6.2 points, 11.2 rebounds, and 0.5 assists per game. He is presenting a compelling argument for the title of NBA Defensive Player of the Season, simultaneously leading the league in offensive rebounds. This became evident in his defensive performance against the rookie sensation, Victor Wembanyama, in their recent matchup.

When questioned about the basketball’s color, he attributed it to the players’ hygiene. He claims that only a few players wash their hands before or after games.

It’s got dirt and bacteria. People here don’t wash their hands. There’s a few people in this league that wash their hands. A few of them. But I can. I do. I wash my hands.
Mitchell Robinson via Fred Katz of The Athletic


His perspective found support from teammate Jalen Brunson, who stated that a new ball might be orange, but a quality ball, one that is used and worn in—is brown. Robinson emphasized the importance of maintaining hand hygiene to keep the basketball clean. The tradition of using orange basketballs originated to enhance visibility for fans and viewers.

Mitchell Robinson heading for Knicks’ all-time offensive rebound leader

Since the start of the 2023-24 season, Mitchell Robinson has been on a historic rebound offensive. He is averaging 11.2 rebounds per game. As the Knicks’ longest-tenured player, with six seasons under his belt, he has more offensive rebounds than defensive boards this season.

Mitchell Robinson
Mitchell Robinson (via X)

In the current season, he outperforms Julius Randle, averaging 10.2 rebounds per game, and Josh Hart, who is averaging 6.1 rebounds per game. Regarding offensive rebounds, he currently stands at 1,136, trailing only Patrick Ewing, who has 2,568 offensive rebounds, and Charles Oakley, who leads the chart with 2,580.

He played a crucial role in the Knicks’ 115-91 victory over the Charlotte Hornets last night, contributing 6 points and securing 10 rebounds. Up next for Robinson and the Knicks is a home game against the Detroit Pistons. The team currently holds a solid 10-7 record.


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