NBA champion Draymond Green RIDICULES “weird body shaped” player who got drafted before him in 2012

Golden States Warriros star Draymond Green throws shade at Andrew Nicholson

NBA champion Draymond Green RIDICULES “weird body shaped” player who got drafted before him in 2012

The Golden State Warriors struck gold when they drafted Draymond Green in the second round as the forward was revealed to be one of the best playmaking big-man in history. He has had his fair share of dominance after he was picked 35th overall by the Warriors in the 2012 NBA Draft

It has surprisingly worked out for Draymond Green, but that doesn’t mean he won’t talk about how he felt about the 34 players drafted before him. The Warriors vet recently went on the ‘Podcast with P’ show to throw some shade on a particular player that was picked before him.

The 33-year-old revealed who the player that was picked before him that was the most ridiculous: “Andrew Nicholson was drafted over me at like 19. … At the time y’all are comparing us as big men who can play back to the basket, but I’m looking at this dude … he doesn’t even look like a basketball player.”

Green added, “He’s weird body shaped, he walks like this and talks like this, there’s no way that this guy is going to be better than me at basketball … So that was one that really, really, really pissed me off.”

Nicholson who went to the Orlando Magic spent only five seasons in the NBA, he was bounced around by teams and later decided to take his chances at the Chinese Basketball Association after he got waived by Portland.

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Draymond Green signs a massive $100 million extension with GSW

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Stephen Curry, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson after the 2022 NBA Finals [Image Credits: Twitter]

Although Draymond Green was a late pick in the draft things seemed to have perfectly worked out for the forward as he recently signed an exorbitant $100 million/4 years extension to stay with the Golden State Warriors.

Green after signing the contract became one of the longest-tenured players on the same team spending over 11 years with the team that drafted him but the NBA Champion’s future was in limbo this summer before his extension, as reports have floated around that Green was looking to branch his talents to the Sacramento Kings.

Golden State is looking to endure the restrictions of the league’s luxury tax to keep their dynasty core of Klay Thompson, Steph Curry and Green together. The Warriors are expected to pay over $276 million in luxury tax alone next season.

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