“Warriors DOWNFALL” – GM Bob Myers ‘likely’ departure turns fans agonized at Golden State

Reports claim Bob Myers and Warriors to not have extension talks for months.

“Warriors DOWNFALL” – GM Bob Myers ‘likely’ departure turns fans agonized at Golden State

Bob Myers (Credits: Jose Carlos Fajardo/Bay Area News Group)

Bob Myers is truly the man behind the Golden State Warriors‘ success in the last decade. He is the architect of the strong base the franchise is standing on right now. Undoubtedly, he has played a very important role as an executive and should get the most credits for the last 4 NBA Championships the Golden State Warriors have won. Obviously, the efforts were of Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, Klay Thompson, and now-gone Kevin Durant. But it was Bob Myers and his key decisions in the front office which led the team to success.

The most important guy in the Golden State Warriors’ system off the floor is Bob Myers. He joined the franchise in April 2011 as assistant general manager and just in a year got the GM title. The Dubs also promoted him to the President of Basketball Operations in the summer of 2016 as he was just that great. Bob Myers’ biggest W with the Warriors is keeping the trio of Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green together, happy and satisfied under the same coach.

But unfortunately, good times do come to an end. And, maybe that’s what the Golden State Warriors are about to experience very soon. It’s fair to say that they aren’t a championship-bound team anymore. Also, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green can soon be donning another team’s jersey instead of taking pay cuts. And, now even Bob Myers is in the same club. So is Steve Kerr but he still is riding with the Dubs.

Reports claim that Bob Myers and the Golden State Warriors have had no substantial contract extension talks for months. Their discussions in the past never ended on the same page and the franchise is yet to present an acceptable offer to their President of Basketball Operations. There are also claims that he may part ways with the franchise and join forces elsewhere in the league or step into the media world.

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Twitter reacts to reports claiming Bob Myers and Warriors disagreement on extension

Draymond Green and Bob Myers (Credits: cbssports.com)
Draymond Green and Bob Myers (Credits: cbssports.com)

The Dub Nation is disappointed watching the downfall of their franchise and the rivals celebrate it. If Bob Myers doesn’t return and doesn’t get his contract extended which expires on June 30, then the Warriors will lose the most important guy of theirs in the front office. And, the dub nation knows it. You can find some of the many reactions posted by fans on Twitter here below:

The Golden State Warriors have to make a lot many important decisions this offseason. The future of Bob Myers, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, and some other players with them is on the line. They obviously can’t pay everyone with the new CBA in action with an increased percentage of the luxury tax. So it may be the start of the end of the Warriors’ dynasty.

Also, in coming years with the stars either old, retired o gone they’ll have to rebuild and not having Bob Myers with them at that time, the franchise may struggle for years.

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