“He might make a return for redemption” NBA Fans hyped after Dwyane Wade shows insane bounce at the age of 40

Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade was recently seen showing his basketball flair at a practice court, which sent many of his fans crazy, who is hoping for his return

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Dwayne Wade

Some NBA stars left their mark on the game with their special gameplay. Miami Heat star Dwayne Wade is certainly one of those special ones, who still has a huge fan following post his retirement from the active sport. Many even wonder if Miami could have had Wade in the current scenario, things might have been different for the franchise. Well, we might get a chance to watch famous Jersey no. 3 at the south beach franchise again. Dwyane Wade posted an Instagram video of himself showcasing his basketball skills. The 40-year-old hung his boots in 2019 after a 16-year NBA career. But his video clearly shows that he still has a massive quality to play.

In the video, Wade is seen shooting from the range and hyped it with a thunderous slam dunk off the board. Many teams in the league could use his basketball brain to compete for championships and he certainly isn’t ruling out a return. He captioned his Instagram video, “What age did Jordan come back?” Can we see a possible return on the hardwood?

Where Will Dwyane Wade play if he makes a return to the league?

Dwyane Wade
Dwyane Wade

3-time NBA Champion Dwayne Wade has played in Miami for most of his career and yet he is the co-owner of the Utah Jazz franchise. He even makes regular appearances on the “Inside the NBA” show on TNT. That kept him mentally hooked with the NBA, and physically, Wade has maintained his conditioning despite aging around 40.

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If D-Wade is looking to imitate GOAT Michael Jordan by making comeback to the NBA after a long break, he might be a bit late to do so. “His Airness” returned to the game when he was 39 and had mixed success considering his previous unparallel records. But Wade showed that he could still be an important piece for any team, as he kept himself sharp working on his game.

So if Wade tries t make a return, Jazz would be the easiest choice for the veteran, but being Miami faithful he would choose the Eastern powerhouse over his own franchise. His Championship experience could be very handy for his team and over the past few years, veterans have played an essential role in winning championships.

So adding a player like Dwyane Wade would give teams a huge advantage in close games – if they can manage his minutes o the court. Nicknamed Flash, might not be as quick as he was before, but could impact the game with his high game IQ.

Erik Spoelstra with LeBron James and Dwyane Wade
Erik Spoelstra with LeBron James and Dwyane Wade

Talking about his love for the Miami Franchise, he still comes for many of their games and is seen chatting up with Coach Erik Spoelstra and advising players like Jimmy Butler. He is their only player who won all the three Championships for the Franchise and might add another one if given a chance.  

The Heat had shown great character reaching two Conference Finals and one NBA Finals in the last three seasons. But they could not clear the last stage of the Coveted Larry O’Brien Trophy, however, adding a piece like Dwayne Wade could be what helps them get beyond the hump.

Talking about Wade’s current video here is what fans have to say about the Miami hero,

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