NBA insider HINTS Bradley Beal might get traded with an ‘unattractive contract’

Bradley Beal's insane contract could diminish his trade value as the star will enter his 12th season

NBA insider HINTS Bradley Beal might get traded with an ‘unattractive contract’

Bradley Beal photoshopped into a 76ers jersey; Via Fadeaway World

The Washington Wizards guard has been linked with several teams as he is expected to be moved this summer following a Wizards’ rebuild. Bradley Beal has been involved in trade talks for the past few years as the guard remains to be one of the most sought-after free agents available in the offseason. The 11-year veteran has been linked with several Eastern Conference teams like the Sixers and the Knicks for his next destination.

Bradley Beal has played his entire 11-years with the franchise and reports have indicated that the organization might finally part with him as the team missed 4 of their last 5 seasons with Beal as their main player. Beal recently finished the first year of his $251 million/5-year contract, and with the Draft and Free agency looming around the corner, the Wizards might pull the plug to find suitors for the three-time All-Star.


The trade landscape for Beal is a little tricky not only because of his massive contract but he is also the only player in the league to have a no-trade clause included in his contract, which means that Beal will have control over where he goes and dictate what kind of package the trading team will have to give up for him. As Brian Windhorst said: “If Bradley Beal gets traded between now and next Thursday, I think people are going to be very surprised at the price and potentially how low it’s going to be because his contract is not attractive”

Beal is currently linked with teams like the Philadelphia 76ers, the Knicks and the Miami Heat. As the guard can fit virtually anywhere teams are bidding for a player like him despite his lucrative contract. The 76ers are leading the race as Beal himself has expressed his desire to play with Embiid in the past but teams like the Heat and Knicks are also in the mix as the trade market value for Beal is at an All-Time low.

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Bradley Beal can get the Philadelphia 76ers over the HUMP.

Bradley Beal 2
Bradley Beal; Via- New York Post

Bradley Beal is still one of the best scorers in the league at the wing position and can help any team looking to contend in the next season. Beal has been linked with several Eastern Conference teams that are looking for an offensive spurt on their roster.

Beal averaged 23.2 points, 5.4 assists, and 3.9 rebounds during the season finishing the season with a 35-47 record with the Wizards. As reports have come out that Beal is shopping for a new team, the Wizards are looking for a rebuild and will look to get draft capital and salary dumps in exchange.

As of now, Beal is most likely to end up with the 76ers as the team have been linked with him for some time now. Beal will give the Sixers the scoring punch that they lacked from Harden and could be the perfect fit for Embiid and Maxey. For this trade to happen the Sixers will have to let go of Tobias Harris and several second-round picks (the Sixers cannot deal first-round picks until 2029)and throw in some young players to match Beal’s massive $251 million contract.


The downside of this trade is that the Sixers will get worse on defense as they will lose one of their best defenders in Tobias Harris, the team will also have to look to move James Harden as Beal will have to move into the Beard’s position. With the new CBA in action this summer, the team will have very little room to improve the roster as Beal’s massive contract will make it difficult to acquire more players.

The NBA free agency will commence on July 1st and Beal remains one of the most attractive stars in the market and he could be the missing piece for any team looking to seriously contend for an NBA title next season.

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