NBA insider reveals truth about Klay Thompson’s EXIT from Warriors and break-up with Steph Curry 

NBA insider debunks Klay Thompson trade rumors, affirming Warriors' commitment. Amidst struggles, Warriors face a pivotal moment for championship aspirations

NBA insider reveals truth about Klay Thompson’s EXIT from Warriors and break-up with Steph Curry 

Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson (Image credits -Yahoo Sports)

The Golden State Warriors are one of the wealthiest teams in the NBA. Four times out of eight, the Warriors have clinched the NBA championships. It has been an unforgettable era for the Warriors that have witnessed the conversion of Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green into legends in the NBA. Specifically, the fans have made special references to Stephen and Klay better known as “Splash Bros” due to their remarkable long-distance shooting prowess.

Klay’s form has gone downhill ever since and trade rumors have resurfaced. An NBA insider reecently revealed news about the same


ESPN journalist Zach Lowe has suggested that the Warriors aren’t looking to trade Klay. On his podcast, the Lowe Post, Zach said,

“The Warriors do not want to trade Klay Thompson. They have no desire to do it. I would bet heavily against it ever happening.”

However, this is good news to many loyal fans who have supported him throughout his present dip in performance. Despite difficulties experienced by the Warriors this year in sustaining consistency, the squad collectively hopes that Klay will find the shape again shortly.


Recently, Thompson has received a lot of criticism both from his fans and critics. The fingers are always pointing at Klay for poor form despite the poor show by the Warriors. For example, Clay is currently in the second year of his career and has scored only 15.7 points per game in these two years since his freshman campaign. The impact of Klay on the Warriors makes it difficult today to imagine that he will be involved in so many trade rumors.

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Warriors’ and Klay Thompson’s peculiar predicament: Dominance fading and playoff hopes dwindling

This is a peculiar situation for the Warriors. They’ve dominated the NBA for a while now with their seven trophy achievements. They rank tenth in the Western Conference with nine wins and ten losses. If the Warriors fail to quickly bring an end to their downturn with their players growing old, it is unlikely that they will ever win another championship.

Golden State Warriors
Golden State Warriors (Image via Twitter)

Stephen Curry was amazed this season. On average he scores 29.5, 5.1 rebounds and 4.3 assists per game. Unfortunately, his supporting cast has failed to deliver as both Kuminga and Andrew Wiggins together with Klay have started on a poor note in this year’s opening campaign. For the coaching staff to return the team to victory and once again compete for a championship, they will have to prepare this blueprint before the “we’re going to war” slogan fades into history as a failed dynasty.

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