“There were a lot of people in the organization that were rubbed the wrong way” Nick Friedell believes Kyrie Irving will have to work on some relations within Brooklyn Nets

ESPN’s NBA insider gave some insights into Brooklyn Nets' organization after Kyrie Irving decided to stay put with the organization. As per reports, Megastar has a lot of work to win back his position on the team

Nick Friedell talks about Kyrie Irving situation at the Brooklyn Nets
Nick Friedell talks about Kyrie Irving situation at the Brooklyn Nets

Brooklyn Nets and Kyrie Irving have settled the dust around the possible trade or deal as of now. 30-years old star exercised his player option with the franchise, before the deadline day, 29th June. The entire basketball community had their eyes and ears on the Kyrie Irving situation, considering the high-profile deal involved in the discussions. This week has ushered in a resolution to the disagreement between both parties, with Irving accepting to activate his player option with the Nets for the 2022-23 NBA season. The decision will see the NBA champion earn $37 million in the upcoming season, and will be an unrestricted free agent in the following season.

While all the pros and cons of the decision were discussed, NBA reporter for ESPN, Nick Friedell, has reacted to the news of Kyrie Irving staying with the Nets. He stated that the former NBA Champion has offended a lot of people within the Nets’ organization in past also.

Kyrie Irving has a huge task to win over his team, supporters, and even critics

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving
Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving

7-time All-star had been a sensational athlete throughout his career. His numbers, accolades, and on-floor performances had been a clear indication of his capabilities as a basketball player. But ever since he left Cleveland Cavaliers, his reputation in the league has taken a huge toll, partly because of the media also. His ability to lead the team and even play as a Role model in the team was questioned following his recent behaviors at the Nets. Friedell said that Kyrie’s exact behavior made him look “Villain” in the organization.

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He suggested that the player mend some fences by going out on the court every night and putting in his best performance. He said, “Kyrie has got to mend some fences here, because there were a lot of people that were rubbed the wrong way in the organization. Not only by the fact that he didn’t get the vaccination shot and he wasn’t available throughout the season. It’s some of the things he said.”

Though there is considerable opposition to Kyrie’s attitude, many at the organization felt relieved by the opt-in decision, as per Nick Friedell. There are a lot of people in that Nets organization that feel like Kyrie just owes it to everybody involved to be out there and be available every game. So in order to get in the good books of the people, he needs to perform night-in and night-out. If he can do that and he puts up the same numbers we know he can, that will go a long way towards making all the feelings a lot better than they were at the end of the last season.

Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant will have support from last season’s acquisition of Ben Simmons, and Seth Curry, and also from their stars like Joe Harris, and Bruce Brown Jr., and still have some firepower to go deep into the playoffs if things go well in the season. Fans of the Nets shivered for a bit and questioned what the upcoming season would hold if Irving left as it would affect indirectly the KD’s situation. While some were keen on him leaving, owing to his “bad” publicity and non-committal actions to the franchise, many never could see the true potential of the “seven-eleven” era.  

It would be great for the game if we could experience the “game side” of Kyrie and keep the news surrounding his game only.

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