“Not around many 50-plus-year-olds who speak and act like you do” Kyrie Irving calls out Stephen A. Smith for putting blatant allegations on him

Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving fires back at sports analyst Stephen A Smith, who criticized the guard for lesser availability and opting in for more money

Stephen A Smith and Kyrie Irving
Stephen A Smith and Kyrie Irving

The story of Kyrie Irving and the Brooklyn Nets have been making the headlines for quite some time now. It all started when the Nets decoded to build a superteam with Kyrie and KD back in 2019, then the various reasons for which Kyrie was not available on the court, and recently for the contract situation after 3 seasons of bitter collaborations. But finally, at least now that Irving has exercised his player option, Brooklyn can hope for a better 1 year with the 30-year-old megastar. But Irving is not getting any breather though. Stephen A Smith targeted Kyrie, now for opting in and taking max possible money, when he had hardly sweated out for the Nets.

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith has consistently criticized Nets guard Kyrie Irving for his unavailability while with the Nets and his latest video sparked a response from Irving on Twitter. 

Kyrie also was waiting for his turn to fire back at critics, and he returned the favor to the 54-years old TV Personality. “@stephanasmith you’re gonna have to explain yourself to people in your generation,” Irving said in a tweet. “I am not around many 50 plus year olds that speak and act as you do, so this is new for me. But I am sure my father and my uncles can meet you on your level better than I can. We know you STEPHEN.”

Athletes nowadays are standing up against criticism more furiously than ever and Kyrie was not to be left behind, as he was heavily targeted by media now and then.

Kyrie Irving Calls out Stephen A Smith for his comments

Kyrie Irving
Kyrie Irving

2012 Rookie of the year Kyrie was getting a Megastar treatment at Cleveland Cavaliers (actually was less criticized) and even was highly praised for his contributions in the 2016 NBA Championship. But since he left Cleveland, he was on every analyst’s radar who was looking to take a dig at the PG for any actions he does. His move to Celtics was denounced while his move to Nets was also condemned.

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After he failed to deliver any silverware in both of those franchises, he was again targeted by the analysts. So, literally, Kyrie faced regular ill-treatment for his actions over the last 5 seasons. And now Stephen A Smith pinpointed Kyrie’s decision to staying put at the Nets.

SAS Said, “You know what it means to me? I guess he’s a peon too. So you gotta go to work, gotta show up to work. You gotta go up there and earn that money. Because even if you plan on leaving the Brooklyn Nets because we all know that Kyrie doesn’t plan on staying in Brooklyn for the full year, he’s offended, he’s appalled, he’s put back by the fact that the Brooklyn Nets actually said, ‘You have to show up to earn your money.’

“No matter what options you may think you have down the road, it all starts with you having to show up to work first,” Smith added. Irving was present for less than 50% of the regular season games since joining the Nets in 2019, mostly due to personal reasons.

Stephen A Smith’s comments charged up Irving, who replied on the social media, as mentioned earlier. In reality, Smith, and Kyrie, both being in NY and big personalities nationwide, have common connections, and Kyrie’s dad – Drederick Irving– who also played Basketball at NBL, is around Stephen A Smith’s age.  

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