“All foreign players are better than American…” World’s leading basketball scorer makes bold claim about current NBA roster

The American NBA players are majorly credited for making basketball a global sport.

“All foreign players are better than American…” World’s leading basketball scorer makes bold claim about current NBA roster

Luka Doncic, Oscar Schmidt, and Nikola Jokic

Oscar Schmidt, the legendary basketball player from Brazil and the all-time world scorer, talked about his favorite NBA players of today. Despite Schmidt’s lack of NBA experience, he believes that international players are superior to American players. He mentioned Nikola Jokic and Luka Doncic whose incredible performances are currently ruling the league.


In a recent interview on “PABLO TORRE FINDS OUT” Oscar Schmidt was called as a guest who has been unknown to the world despite him being the World’s leading scorer. In the interview, he was asked about LeBron James closing his record and whom he admires the most in NBA 2024.

For the world, Schmidt already has his responses prepared.

I look for Doncic. I look for Jokic. I look for foreign players much more than American players because they are much better than American players. They're much better.
Oscar Schmidt said via PABLO TORRE FINDS OUT

Schmidt then showered Nikola Jokic with admiration; this year, he has the potential to earn his third MVP award in as many seasons.


Schmidt also discussed Jokic’s renowned back pass against the New Orleans Pelicans. He showered immense praise on the Serbian player.

Kobe Bryant’s role model was Oscar Schmidt

Although Kobe Bryant watched his father, Joe Bryant, play in the Italian league as a child, he was more inspired by Brazilian player Schmidt because of his incredible exploits in Europe. The Brazilian first met Bryant in 2008 after he had made so many achievements. While playing against Joe, Schmidt never imagined that his kid would go on to become one of the all-time greats in basketball.

In the podcast, he said,

The first time I talked to him was at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. I was emotional, he was emotional. It was great to see him as a grown-up man.
Oscar Schmidt on Kobe Bryant

Bryant was always in awe of Schmidt’s incredible shooting ability and high basketball IQ. The late legend saw him as his childhood hero.


When it came time for Kobe’s sensational skills, Schmidt acknowledged his brilliance and did not hold back in applauding the legendary Los Angeles Lakers player.

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