“Bogus as hell” – Patrick Beverley implies Karl Anthony-Towns is a COWARD for letting Draymond Green to choke Rudy Gobert

Patrick Beverley gave his take on the scuffle during the Timberwolves - Warriors game.

“Bogus as hell” – Patrick Beverley implies Karl Anthony-Towns is a COWARD for letting Draymond Green to choke Rudy Gobert

Patrick Beverley cements on Karl Anthony-Towns podcast (Image credit - official Instagram account)

Guard Patrick Beverley commented on this fight involving Rudy Gobert and Draymond Green. However, he singled out Karl Anthony-Towns (Kat) for criticism. When addressing Adam Ferrone, Beverley referred to Kat as a “coward” and “bogus.” His comments arose especially since Kat did not resist Green’s chokehold over Gobert.

The Chokehold incident featuring Draymond Green and Gobert became infamous across the world. Green’s reputation as a hard guy on and off the court was reflected in his raw feelings about that situation. Beverly considered the action of Kat as despicable. Karl Anthony-Towns could not pull Green away from Gobert. This is what Beverly said:

KAT bogus as hell. I see KAT doing a mean mug face, but then you ain’t doing sh**! Choke Draymond back!... If we play in the playoffs, KAT I ain’t worried about you, you didn’t even help your homie.’ KAT, nah f**k that. I taught you better than that.
Patrick Beverley via The Pat Bev Podcast with Rone

Beverley was amazed that Kat never reacted to Green’s conduct during the conversation. Beverly gave his take on the situation and commented that it could be due to an accumulation of hostility. Beverley’s take remained unique and insinuated that his team would not fear Kat due to his passive actions.

This changes the course of the ongoing NBA drama from Beverley’s point of view. Aside from the usual bitter rivals and emotional exchanges in the league, Beverley’s direct criticism of Kat gives the confrontation an “intimate” tone. Such an allegation that Kat should have stood and defended his teammate could have far-reaching consequences about how players conduct themselves in the league.

Patrick Beverley declares Karl Anthony-Towns’ response ineffective

During the podcast, Rone asked Beverley how Karl Anthony-Towns would fix up some things because of his inability to help his teammate. Kat failed to separate Gobert from Green. Beverley responded straightforwardly on how Kat could redeem himself.

Karl Anthony-Towns
Karl Anthony-Towns (via People)

This is what Beverley had to say on the podcast:

Can't! Its over with. You can't even like try to get back, its over with. The whole world seen it. He didn't do sh**.

Patrick Beverley’s hard words have attracted greater attention and examination as the NBA world continues to digest them. According to Beverley, the damage was too much to rectify, and the whole world saw what Kat did. Despite the negative comments from Pat Bev, the Timberwolves continue to impress everyone this season.

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