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“He was with Philly and Bulls he wasn’t the main guy there” Patrick Beverley throws major shade at Heat star Jimmy Butler

Jimmy Butler was targeted by Patrick Beverley, commenting that he is incapable of carrying championship team. Butler delivered in Game 6 for the Miami but job is half done.

Patrick Beverley on Jimmy Butler

Miami Heat found themselves at the wrong end of the EC Finals series when they lost Games 4 and 5 to Boston Celtics. As a result of which most of the blame went onto their marquee scorer and leader Jimmy Butler. Patrick Beverley explains the situation and his feelings about 6x All-Star before Game 6 after making yet another appearance on First Take.


Jimmy Butler has been the best player for Miami Heat throughout the 201-22 season. He led them in the scoring and delivered his best on the defensive end too. This is why it is no surprise that when the Heat is down 3-2 against their Conference finals opponents, Butler was heavily targeted by many. He had poor 3 games and Miami lost 2 of them consecutively. His particular knee injury (right knee inflammation) could have softened the scoring prowess of Miami, but Patrick Beverley had no intentions to let Jimmy Butler off the hook as he thrashed latter’s abilities and subsequent struggles in the series against quality Boston defense.

Patrick Beverley believes that Butler just doesn’t have it in him to be the best player on a championship squad. While talking on the ESPN’s First Take, the outspoken Pat Bev explained his views and support them with his past performances.


Is Jimmy Butler not capable of carrying a team on his own?

Jimmy Butler Cheering the Miami Heat Fans

Marquee players are supposed to be the centerpiece of a team, initiating offense and also involve actively in the defense. Two-way player Jimmy has all these qualities. He is an explosive scorer and an elite defender who reads the game well and causes problems to the opponents with timely steals and forced turnovers.  

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When a player turned analyst Beverley was asked whether he thinks Butler can be the best player in a title squad, Patrick replied“Initially I said yes but now it’s no. I love Jimmy. He’s a two-way player. He plays both ends off the floor. I just don’t think he can shoot the ball from the three good enough.”

Jimmy Butler against Boston Celtics

Talking about Jimmy’s impact on the team, he added, “He’s been the main catalyst. … When he was with Philly, he wasn’t the main guy there. Obviously, he spent a little time with the (Minnesota) Timberwolves, couldn’t get it done there. In Miami, couldn’t get it done there. With the Bulls, couldn’t get it done there. And this is young Jimmy, so I don’t know if older Jimmy can do that.”

Patrick Beverley

Beverley had some points regarding Jimmy’s past performances. However difficult this may be to accept for Heat fans, the history remains unchanged. Butler hasn’t been able to lead any of his teams to a championship. He did put Miami n the NBA finals for the 2020 season, but the LeBron-AD pair proved decisive in the finals and the Lakers won their 17th NBA Championship at expense of Jimmy Butler and the Miami Heat.

In this postseason though, 6-time All-Star Butler seems eager to win his 1st ring as he is leading the charge with an impressive average of 27 points, 7 rebounds, and 5 assists per game.

Jimmy Butler and Marcus Smart

His Game 6 heroics at the TD Garden proved Beverley wrong for an instance, but they are yet to win a championship with Butler and the Heat may have leveled the series against the Celtics, but they’re not just finished yet.

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