NBA star Paul George HILARIOUSLY pulls off Charles Barkley impression of struggling to pronounce athlete names

Paul George's hilarious Charles Barkley impression on Podcast P has A'ja Wilson in stitches.

NBA star Paul George HILARIOUSLY pulls off Charles Barkley impression of struggling to pronounce athlete names

Paul George and A'ja Wilson on Podcast P. (Image Credits - Official X accounts)

A’ja Wilson, the WNBA champion and two-time Las Vegas Aces MVP, recently joined Podcast P with hosts Paul George, Jackie Long, and Dallas Rutherford. During their chat about mispronunciations, sparked by basketball legend Charles Barkley, things got amusing.


The conversation took a fun turn when Wilson mentioned her endorsement of Ruffles chips, triggering thoughts of Charles Barkley. George then playfully asked if Barkley ever struggled to say Wilson’s name due to its frequent mispronunciations. George was convinced that, given the track record, Barkley would likely mess it up.

Recognizing the possibility of name-related errors, Jackie Long highlighted his personal experience of having his staff warn him against pronouncing Wilson’s first name as the name of the continent. George asked Wilson right away:

I know Chuck had a hard time saying your name, was it a lot of f**k ups there? Is it E'ja, A'ja, or Oja, uhhhh!

A’ja, with a touch of humor, responded,

We didn't shoot it together, but I'm pretty sure he would have messed my name up. I just tell people to think of the continent.

The chuckles persisted as Paul George performed his version of Charles Barkley, spurred on by Dallas Rutherford. George mimicked:

Jayson Tatum, uhhhh! Jah-son?  A'ja, how do you say your name?

Amidst the laughter, A’ja Wilson endorsed George’s attempt, stating,

I thought that was a good one though. Yeah, you sound like him.

George continued the conversation, mimicking Charles Barkley and mentioning that the Krispy Kremes are round like a donut.

Paul George highlights the lighter side of professional sports

Chuck consistently criticizes All-Star talent, particularly for using the nickname “Playoff P.” He and George have discussed this issue. Despite numerous postseason appearances, George has never reached the NBA Finals.

Paul George
Paul George (Credits:

Barkley questions whether George deserves the moniker “Playoff P” when he hasn’t consistently won. Chuck emphasizes that George can’t keep losing and calls himself “Playoff P.” He also humorously notes that they don’t refer to George as championship Chuck either.

As they engaged in lighthearted banter, the program demonstrated the lighter side of professional sportsmen and demonstrated that even MVPs like A’ja Wilson and NBA stars like Paul George can enjoy a little humor—especially when it comes to the skill of pronunciation in the sports world. The podcast clip perfectly encapsulated the spirit of friendship and mutual laughing between athletes from other leagues.

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