“Didn’t feel like there was a respect thing…” Paul Pierce clears air around beef with ex-teammate Ray Allen

Paul Pierce is one of the most well known names in the world of the NBA.

“Didn’t feel like there was a respect thing…” Paul Pierce clears air around beef with ex-teammate Ray Allen

Paul Pierce and Ray Allen

One of the largest NBA scandals in recent memory involved Ray Allen, the Miami Heat, and the Boston Celtics. Following the 2011–12 NBA season, the famous shooter decided to join the King in South Beach, following several years of competing against teams led by LeBron James. Speaking about that fateful choice, Allen’s former teammate, Paul Pierce expressed to Draymond Green his hurt at hearing of Allen’s decision to go with the Miami Heat.


The legendary Paul Pierce revealed what went wrong between him and his former title colleague Ray Allen during a guest appearance on “The Draymond Green Show.” Pierce claims that the way Ray made his move in the summer of 2012 was just as problematic as the fact that he departed.

Paul Pierce via The Draymond Green Show said,

That hurt. I didn't know he had issues with the contract or starting. But the thing is, I wanted you to Haller. If you are gonna leave us, give me a call. I just didn't feel like there was a respect thing there. 

Pierce said that it took him a few years to cross paths with Allen. They were able to put their beef to rest and move on thanks to an exhibition match they played in China.


When Ray Allen and Paul Pierce were teammates on the Celtics, they shared a championship. When Kevin Garnett retired his jersey in 2022, the rivalry between Allen and his old teammates came to an end.

Paul Pierce shares his version of Draymond Green’s infamous fight

Right now, Draymond Green is possibly one of the top trash-talkers in the league. Even though he frequently demonstrated his capacity to irritate people, his exchange with Paul Pierce is one of his better performances. Green and Pierce recently got the chance to debate each other on the Draymond Green Show. The former NBA player took advantage of the opportunity to explain what transpired and his thoughts on it.

Paul Pierce via The Draymond Green Show added,

I've got to address your viral sh*t talking, first off. You said what you said right? And to be honest I didn't hear what you said. Honestly, I didn't even hear what you said until after the game. I'm looking at my Twitter like, 'Oh, damn! He went back at me.

Green heard Pierce’s remarks and responded with a clap of his own for the NBA veteran. Fans still regard Green’s trash talk as one of the greatest conversations to have ever taken place on an NBA floor, and it went on to become legendary.


Pierce claims that he was not aware of Green’s remarks about him at the time. It seems that he discovered just how nasty Green’s remarks could be when he checked his X(formerly known as Twitter) following the game.

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