“Dude needs to smoke a little less maybe, save a few brain cells” – Paul Pierce HATES ON Nikola Jokic, NBA Twitter DISMISSES Celtics legend’s claim

Paul Pierce's hot take was not taken lightly by NBA fans.

“Dude needs to smoke a little less maybe, save a few brain cells” – Paul Pierce HATES ON Nikola Jokic, NBA Twitter DISMISSES Celtics legend’s claim

Nikola Jokic and Paul Pierce (images via Getty Images)

As the NBA continues to evolve, it has demanded more well-rounded and complete players to compete in the game. One such player is Nikola Jokic, who plays for the Denver Nuggets and led the team to a championship just last year. Paul Pierce, in a highly dismissive and nonchalant statement, states that Jokic isn’t even in his top 5 passers list of all time.


The conversation happened on the Showtime Basketball show where the host Rachel Nichols asked Pierce “[Jokic] is number two behind [Magic Johnson] though?” To this Pierce replied, “As far as passer, Joker is not even a top-5 passer to me. Just because he’s a big man – he’s the best big man, but when we just talk about pure passer, you gotta talk about guys like Magic [Johnson], [Jason Williams], [Rajon] Rondo, Pete Maravich, Larry Bird. When we talk about flash and style with it… Joker is great, but when we talk about just pure-special passers – [Jason] Kidd. I mean, come on.”

Talking more on this topic, Paul Pierce talked about how Nikola might be the best big man passer of all time, but he’s nowhere close to being in the top 5 list of all-time passers. While Paul Pierce’s statements might make sense in the long run as Jokic hasn’t played as much ball as the rest of the people in the league, he did not get away with this fiery statement and was put under the radar by the fans.

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NBA Twitter reacts to Paul Pierce’s statement

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Paul Pierce at the Showtime Podcast with Rachel Nichols (Image via @Showtime Basketball YT)

As this video surfaced, NBA Twitter was confused as to what Paul Pierce was on. Nobody thought that Pierce has a “good take”. The reasoning Paul gave was that Nikola is hyped only because we are not used to seeing players of his size make good passes. Pierce, though, wasn’t putting down Jokic but was rather talking in terms of pure passers which Jokic might not be. He’s more of a playmaker, along with a great shooter, who can also make solo plays wherever required. Regardless, NBA Twitter bashed him up.


The center at the Nuggets sure makes some eye-catching passes, whether he’s sending a full-court pass to a teammate or making a no-look between-the-legs wild pass. He is not short on creativity. However, a few of the names above placed by Pierce lived and died passing, and their role was restricted only to passing and nothing else. Hence, placing Jokic in the same category might even not be correct.

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