“Most of America is struggling to live” Ray Allen blames ‘corporate greed’ for exceedingly high gas prices

“Most of America is struggling to live” Ray Allen blames ‘corporate greed’ for exceedingly high gas prices

Ray Allen

Even though gas prices in the US are already steadily decreasing, NBA legend Ray Allen couldn’t help but wonder why they had to first fly so high—at one time, they even exceeded an unsettling $6 per gallon in several places. There is no denying that the recent spike in gas prices has been difficult for a lot of individuals. But recently, oil corporations have reported record profits, which many find disappointing because oil companies could theoretically lower the high prices and still turn a profit.


Allen criticized US oil firms on Instagram for the absurd gas price increase in recent months that has made life harder for Americans while the aforementioned organizations themselves are making record profits. Allen is a well-known individual who is renowned for being among the best NBA 3PT shooters of all time. The two-time NBA champion quoted a study on Exxon Mobil and Chevron, noting that average people pay an outrageous “6 to 7 dollars a gallon in petrol,” and questioned the firms about if they should be ashamed of themselves.

Who is Ray Allen and what’s his say on the current situation?

One of the best long-range shooters in NBA history, Ray Allen holds the record for most 3-pointers attempted in a career, however Steph Curry recently surpassed him in that category last year. He played for four different teams, three of which he was an All-Star for. Allen was traded three times in his career, with the last deal turning him into a crucial member of the team that won the title. In 2007, the Boston Celtics acquired him in a trade with the Seattle Supersonics as the team put together a “Big Three” group with Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Allen. In 2007–08, this trio helped Boston achieve a 66–16 record and an NBA title as well.

Allen had an 18-year career, scoring over 24,000 points, making 10 All-Star appearances, and winning championships with the Miami Heat and Boston Celtics. He was selected for the NBA 75th anniversary squad in 2022 after being inducted into the Naismith Memorial Hall of Fame in 2018. This was in reference to his 2,973 career three-pointers made during the regular season, another 385 made during 11 postseason campaigns, 10 All-Star appearances, and two championships, one of which elevated the Boston Celtics back to the top of the NBA and another of which solidified the Heat’s reputation. 


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Allen questioned why Congress did not act and punish those oil firms in light of the current scenario. Even if gas costs are plummeting daily, they have reached a level where they were impossible for the average man to afford. In the United States, many individuals own their own cars, and gas prices are something that directly affects people’s quality of life and Ray Allen undoubtedly has some good points. The majority of Americans will likely think that Congress should find a way to enact legislation lowering gas costs, so let’s hope they do.

Politicians and consumer advocates are also anticipated to respond to the news, particularly since President Joe Biden took a jab at Exxon in June during a challenging time for many Americans. We’ll see whether anything is ultimately done to address the skyrocketing gas costs. Ray Allen’s worries will hopefully be addressed by the government and the oil corporations in the future, but for the time being, it appears that he and other people will have to put up with paying exorbitant costs.

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