“I knew it was kinda happening…” RJ Barrett breaks silence on younger brother Nathan’s death

RJ Barrett returned to the Toronto Raptors after visiting home since his brother Nathan passed away.

“I knew it was kinda happening…” RJ Barrett breaks silence on younger brother Nathan’s death

Toronto Raptors guard RJ Barrett spoke with media about his brother Nathan, talks about time before death

The loss of Nathan Barrett was heartbreaking for his brother and Toronto Raptors guard RJ. To lose one’s sibling at the young age of 19 was too much for the Canadian.


Thankfully, RJ Barrett was able to reach home before his brother passed away, as he revealed the final moments he shared with his brother before his death. Speaking to reporters after returning to the Toronto Raptors, RJ Barrett opened up about his brother and how he was his best friend.

That’s not all; Barrett even talked about the extent of his grief, revealing how he still texts him, even if he is no longer with him. 

Even while I was playing, I knew it was kinda happening... I'm glad I was able to get there right before he passed. Everything after that is just making sure that my family and I are together. He was my best friend. Always missing him, I still text him, I still call him some time, I don't know why.
RJ Barrett said

The guard thanked the Raptors for their support as he was away for eight games. The time he could spend with his ill brother and his family helped them overcome the grief of his death.


For the uninitiated, RJ Barrett‘s brother Nathan was studying to become a pilot at Montverde Academy when he became ill and was hospitalized. Since then, as the 6’ 6″ star suggested, he has been aware of what is happening to his brother.

He was happy to talk about his brother’s competitiveness. Even though he always beat his younger brother at basketball, Nathan Barrett was better at everything else. At the time of writing, the family has not disclosed the reasons for Nathan’s failing health and eventual death.

RJ Barrett’s return offers hope for Toronto Raptors

Now that RJ Barrett has returned, the Toronto Raptors can have some hope about salvaging their season. After winning three straight games after the All-Star break, the Raptors are reeling with a 1-14 record. This has plunged them to the bottom of the league charts. Injuries, a lack of star play, and now a betting scandal have all brought out the worst in the former NBA Champions.

Barrett did not play in the last eight games. However, his return could rejuvenate the squad, even if in a small way. The Raptors are staring at a tough finish to their season. This means they will have to fight to the wire to not be infamously as bad as the rest of the teams heading towards a lottery pick.


And as he said during the interview, his brother would want him to play hard and show up to work. And he will do that against his old team, the New York Knicks.

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