WATCH: Russell Westbrook gets HEATED with Hornets fan for disrespecting family name

Russell Westbrook does not entertain fans when it comes disrespecting his family name.

WATCH: Russell Westbrook gets HEATED with Hornets fan for disrespecting family name

Russell Westbrook confronts a Hornets fan (Image via open source/ X)

On Sunday, the Los Angeles Clippers defeated the Charlotte Hornets in a road game. However, the game did have some glitches in between. A clip went viral of Clippers’ star Russell Westbrook having a heated conversation with a Hornets fan at courtside.

The Charlotte Hornets fan reportedly disrespected Westbrook’s name before the game started. Therefore, the Los Angeles Clippers guard confronted the fan during warm-ups. In the viral clip, the star can be heard calling out the fan for disrespecting his family name.

I got a kid. Don't disrespect my name. Do you understand me?
Russel Westbook confronting a fan via fan camera footage

It is not new in the NBA for a home crowd to speak with the opponent team’s players. The athletes usually do not acknowledge the fans, but Westbrook is a different case. This is not the first time the Clippers star has gotten into it with a fan on the court. The former MVP does not tolerate the taunting after a certain degree and personally gets involved with fans.

Despite some turbulence, the Clippers managed to get a win. Westbrook had a solid performance in limited minutes as he scored 11 points, five rebounds, and four assists coming off the bench. The Clippers are clinging onto their 4th spot in the Western Conference as the star of the show, Paul George, had a 41-point performance in the win.

Russell Westbrook has previously warned fans about disrespecting his family name

Regarding criticism and trolling from NBA fans, Russell Westbrook is one of the front runners in the conversation. The former MVP has been a victim of fans’ disrespect for many years now. However, when it comes to the star’s family name, Westbrook has now set some boundaries and will not tolerate if the line is crossed.

Clippers Russell Westbrook
Russell Westbrook will not take disrespect about his family name. (Image via open source)

Earlier this season against the Denver Nuggets, Westbrook chirped with a fan due to a similar situation. After the game, the 35-year-old explained why he responded to the fan. After having kids, making fun of his family name has a larger impact than just taunting the player.

The moment that line gets crossed, I won’t allow it no more. I stood for it for years. Now that my son is old enough to know what’s going on… Now I gotta stand on it.
Russell Westbrook via post-game media interview

The game against the Hornets was Westbrook’s 4th game back from injury. The player was out since the beginning of March after fracturing his hand. After his return, the guard contributes to the team’s wins as the Clippers are now 3-1 with Westbrook. As the playoffs are approaching, the guard will greatly help the team go forward.

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