“Steph is a lucky man” Selena Gomez was awestruck by Ayesha Curry’s skill set in kitchen being a successful entrepreneur ⁩

“Steph is a lucky man” Selena Gomez was awestruck by Ayesha Curry’s skill set in kitchen being a successful entrepreneur  ⁩

Ayesha Curry is a women of many different capabilities and she takes every opportunity to make it known to the world. Over recent years, she has dabbled around with controversy a lot. The NBA wife has been heckled online by fans as well as they are always quick to notice errors.

Ayesha Curry

She along with Stephen Curry have been strong enough to face the trouble. Ayesha is well known for her acting and cooking skills. She hosts several talk shows that are streamed on YouTube and also has her very own cooking show.

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Ayesha Curry and her adventures as a professional cook

Ayesha Curry and Stephen Curry
Ayesha Curry and Stephen Curry

We have all seen Steph go lights out on the court getting creative with his shot selection and while finishing at the basketball. The Golden State Warriors have been very successful because of his creative thinking. But a lot of it seems to have rubbed off on his wife as well.


During the third season of her cooking show, she was joined by musical sensation Selena Gomez. The host, Ayesha Curry shared her ideas on how to smash a garlic clove open. The cooking star showed how she uses the bottom of a jar to smash the clove open by simply placing it under and applying just enough pressure.

Gomez, accustomed to using a knife gave this trick a shot. While she tried it out, the singer wound up using too much force which caused the glass jar to shatter in pieces. Everybody present in the kitchen were surprised, especially Ayesha who to Selena, “You are really strong.”

The singer was very much in awe of Ayesha Curry’s creative mind. The NBA wife also happens to have her own cook book with some amazing recipes as well. But due to her quirky nature, fans have always trolled her over it. Even during the NBA Finals, Boston fans criticised her of her skills.

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