Shaquille O’Neal ROASTS Charles Barkley after Devin Booker surpasses his Suns record

Devin Booker surpasses Charles Barkley's playoff record in historic Suns victory

Shaquille O’Neal ROASTS Charles Barkley after Devin Booker surpasses his Suns record

Devin Booker has been in top form during the NBA playoffs, helping his team, the Phoenix Suns, advance to the next round after defeating the LA Clippers in five games. In addition to this impressive win, Booker broke a record set by Charles Barkley by achieving six 40-point games in the playoffs for the Suns.


Shaquille O’Neal, an analyst on the show ‘Inside the NBA’ and a former Suns player himself, acknowledged Booker’s achievement and jokingly referred to Barkley as a “bum” in comparison. This lighthearted banter added some excitement to the news and sparked reactions from fans and analysts.

Booker’s latest performance included 47 points, eight rebounds, ten assists, and two steals in 42 minutes of play, with impressive shooting percentages of 70.4% from the field, 57.1% from three-point range, and 83.3% from the free-throw line. His teammates and fans alike have been impressed by his consistent success in the playoffs.

EJ: “Devin Booker passes Charles Barkley for the most 40-pt games in Suns playoff history”



SHAQ: “You (Devin Booker) passed a bum. Thank you, Devin”

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Charles Barkley’s legacy with the Phoenix Suns

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Charles Barkley (image via NBA)

Acknowledging Devin Booker’s recent achievement is noteworthy, but paying homage to Charles Barkley’s impact on the Phoenix Suns is equally essential. Despite playing only four seasons, Barkley left an unfading mark on the franchise and its fan base.


Barkley’s stint with the Suns featured numerous unforgettable moments, including the team’s NBA Finals appearance in 1993. Though the championship eluded them, Barkley’s performance was remarkable. He averaged 25.6 points, 12.2 rebounds, and 5.6 assists per game that year, earning him the NBA’s Most Valuable Player award.

While Devin Booker’s record-breaking feat showcases his exceptional talent and skill, it is imperative to acknowledge players like Charles Barkley, who helped shape the Suns’ history. Barkley’s legacy with the team will always be celebrated, just as Booker’s accomplishments will continue to inspire generations of Suns players and fans.

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