“Sit back Magic Johnson…im taking over” Larry Bird’s trash-talk left Lakers legend stunned

Read further to know an incident narrated by Magic Johnson's agent on Larry Bird's trash-talking skills.

MAgic Johnson with Rival and friend Larry Bird
Magic Johnson with Rival and friend Larry Bird

Boston Celtics legend Larry Bird was known for his trash-talking in the NBA league other than his game-play. Recently one of his trash-talking incidents was given out by Lon Rosen, NBA great Magic Johnson’s agent. Magic Johnson was Larry Bird’s biggest rival and would have gotten a taste of his trash-talking many times as they frequently played against each other. The incident narrated by Johnson’s agent was quoted in an article by ‘The Athletic’ long ago.

Larry Bird and Magic Johnson
Larry Bird and Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson’s agent Lon Rosen said, “Earvin used to tell me, ‘I’ve never heard anybody talk more trash than Larry.’ Now, Earvin talked a lot of trash, too, but he said there was nobody better than Larry.” Lon added, “The Lakers were playing the Celtics at home and Magic wasn’t playing that game. Larry came up to Magic before the game and said, ‘Sit back, I’m going to put on a show tonight.’ He scored 40.”

Larry Bird and Magic Johnson have known each other since their college days. Known as fierce rivals on the court, the two NBA legends had a good friendship outside the court. Their friendship started when both players went to Magic Johnson’s hometown of French Lick, Indiana, to shoot a commercial for the ‘Converse sneaker’ brand. It was their first real interaction, and the two became friends after sharing a meal which Larry Bird’s mother prepared. When Magic was diagnosed with HIV, the bond between the two got even more robust.

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NBA unveiled new trophies named after Larry Bird and Magic Johnson

Larry Bird and Magic Johnson
Larry Bird and Magic Johnson

Before the conference finals in 2022, the NBA decided to reveal new trophies and awards to honor some players like Larry Bird and Magic Johnson. The conference MVP trophies were named after Larry Bird (eastern) and Magic Johnson (western). Both the players have taken the NBA league to new heights with their fiery game-plays and surprising tactics. The two legends are rivals on the court but share a closer friendship with each other. This was an excellent move by the NBA to honor its legendary players.

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