“Just shameful,” Skip Bayless rips apart LeBron James, Lakers for letting the game slip down to last play against 12th seeded Wizards

“Just shameful,” Skip Bayless rips apart LeBron James, Lakers for letting the game slip down to last play against 12<sup>th</sup> seeded Wizards

Skip Bayless, LeBron James

LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers recently registered a dub against the Washington Wizards. The game had everyone involved on a rollercoaster ride. As the Hollywood-based team almost lost the game by selling it away. The final seconds of the game were very unexpected but fortunately, LeBron James, Lakers got the job done. Skip Bayless though is still hating on them for letting the game burn down to the wire.

Skip Bayless is the biggest LeBron James hater one can ever find. But this time his hate and take both are sensible and understandable. As he’s criticizing King James and team for almost losing against the Wizards. The Wizards have now lost 10 games straight and are ranked in the 12th spot in the eastern conference. Even though the Lakers are at the same rank in the western conference they are a lot better than them.

But unfortunately, the Los Angeles Lakers struggled to get past them at the Crypto.com Arena. Honestly, LeBron James and his shorthanded squad as AD is out again got lucky and won it all. So Skip Bayless criticizing them is fair and well-deserved. As it was the defensive end of the Wizards who sold the game away to the Lakers.

They allowed both Austin Reaves and LeBron James to get easy buckets in the paint during the final minutes. And, on the final game-winning play they left Thomas Bryant open when LeBron James almost lost the possession. But getting the ball back won the game with an assist. Kyle Kuzma who contributed with 22 points, 2 assists and 16 rebounds had a chance to win against the Lakers. But he missed the three-pointer.

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Skip Bayless’ critical take on LeBron James, Lakers for having a close battle against Wizards

LeBron James and Skip Bayless
LeBron James and Skip Bayless

Skip Bayless was sending out critical tweets against LeBron James and Lakers during the end of the game. He even handed out his support for King James as he wanted him to drive in and get a call. As in a tweet, Skip wrote: “COME ON, LEBRON, DRIVE IT AND HAVE THE GUTS TO SHOOT THE FREE THROWS. THEY CAN’T KEEP YOU FROM THE RIM. THEY’VE LOST NINE IN A ROW! JUST MAKE ONE FREE THROW.”

Skip Bayless didn’t just stop there as he labeled Austin Reaves as the savior while trolling LeBron James for his missed three. He wrote: “LeBron opened the door for the Wizards to steal this one with his incomprehensible airball three. Austin Reaves saved him with two clutch runners on Zinger. Then, incomprehensibly, the Wizards allowed LeBron to drive through them for an uncontested dunk. Huh???”

He also took a shot at the whole team by tweeting out: “The Lakers sure did a lot of showboating and flexing tonight against a team that has now lost 10 straight. Just shameful. They almost lost.”

Skip Bayless isn’t wrong with his criticism and it’s high time for the players to step up. As Anthony Davis won’t be around for a while. And, they need some major improvements. As despite LeBron James dropping 33 points, 9 assists and 7 rebounds and Lonnie backing him up with 21. They had to get lucky to win against the Wizards.

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