WATCH: “Always doing something cringe” – Steph Curry shows off singing skills at Paramore concert, NBA Twitter UNIMPRESSED

NBA Twitter mocks Golden State Warriors' superstar Stephen Curry following his appearance on stage with Hayley Williams, the lead singer of Paramore.

WATCH: “Always doing something cringe” – Steph Curry shows off singing skills at Paramore concert, NBA Twitter UNIMPRESSED

Stephen Curry at Hayley Williams concert (Credits: L- Getty, R- Twitter)

Stephen Curry, widely renowned for his exceptional three-point shooting, is hailed by many as the greatest shooter of all time. Recently, he showcased his singing talents at a Paramore concert held at the Chase Center, the home stadium of his team, the Golden State Warriors.

The two-time league MVP attended the concert, where he enthusiastically took the stage and performed the band’s hit song ‘Misery Business‘ alongside Paramore’s lead singer, Hayley Williams. Steph was warmly welcomed by Williams, who referred to the event as the “Steph Curry show,”.“So look, you know us and Steph, we go back a few years. And tonight is our reunion. Tonight we’re going to sing something together. And listen, from the moment Steph takes the mic, this is no longer a Paramore show, this is a Steph Curry show.” 


Steph’s off-season has been remarkably busy. In addition to his team’s roster changes and a victory in a golf tournament, he shared the spotlight with one of the world’s biggest bands, all while continuing his annual basketball camp for young players. This off-season has undoubtedly been filled with numerous remarkable experiences for him.

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NBA Twitter slams Steph Curry after his concert appearance

NBA Twitter trolls Steph Curry after he sings with Paramore on stage
Stephen Curry on the court for the Warriors (Cary Edmondson//USA TODAY Sports/Reuters)

Stephen Curry is really ticking off tasks from his to-do list this offseason. After he sang with Paramore at their concert at the Chase Center, NBA Twitter started trolling Curry immediately. While some users called what Curry did “cringe,” others trolled him for focusing on everything except training for the next season. Here are some of the reactions:


After an eventful offseason where Steph completed almost all the sidequests, from winning a golf championship to filming a rap video for his documentary, he has done it all. Now he looks forward to writing another chapter for his documentary as he gears up for his 15th season in the league. He hopes to secure his 5th championship to further solidify his legacy.

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