“Somebody help us” Stephen A Smith and Spike Lee are inconsolable after New York Knick’s detrimental Draft Day 2022

Its another chaotic Draft Day for the New York Knicks, as Stephen A Smith and Spike Lee beg for somebody to help the Knicks.

Somebody save the Knicks, for Stephen A Smith and Spike Lee's sake.
Somebody save the Knicks, for Stephen A Smith and Spike Lee's sake.

Stephen A Smith made the prediction of a lifetime with the Golden State Warriors, as his ‘second favorite team’ won the NBA Championship, while his favorite team, ‘New York Knicks’ had one of the worst NBA Drafts possible. The New York Knicks have had a very puzzling evening after leaving the 2022 NBA Draft first-round with 0 selections made. The Knicks entered the Draft with a lottery pick in a very strong Draft class. Stephen A. Smith has been in attendance at the 2022 NBA Draft and has watched his franchise make these controversial decisions, reacting to the Dieng trade by looking visibly upset and being comforted by Spike Lee.

Draft Day has not always been kind to the Knicks fans as they had to deal with disappointment after disappointment. This time however, there was hope among the Knicks fans, including Stephen A Smith and Spike Lee, that their fortunes may change.  After a confusing trade whirlwind with other teams, New York ended up with precisely no actual new players, only future lottery picks. The New York Knicks are always a sore subject for Smith. The Bronx native is perhaps the most vocal of the Knicks’ long-suffering fanbase.

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“Anybody ? We need help!” Stephen A Smith was distressed after another horrible draft day for the Knicks

I can't think of a worse day in Knicks franchise history – Stephen A. | Get  Up - YouTube
Stephen A Smith had a tough night

The 2022 NBA Draft came with expectations and seemed to break them all, and it certainly broke Stephen A Smith’s heart ! Spike lee and Smith had to cry on each other’s shoulder as they witnessed another disastrous Draft Day in Knicks history. Jalen Duren was drafted at No. 13 by the Hornets but was traded moments later to the Knicks. The Memphis center was then dealt to the Pistons, along with point guard Kemba Walker — who now will reportedly discuss a contract buyout with Detroit.

Smith is a diehard Knicks fan, and he admittedly wanted the Knicks to keep Duren, as he voiced his discontent by tweeting “pain,” alongside a video that featured a video of him with his head in his hands. Lee, a decades-long Knicks supporter, patted Smith on the back while the “First Take” host shook his head.

So it was no surprise that Smith, like so many Knicks fans, were pinning their hopes on New York’s selection at No. 11. Heading into the draft, there were even rumors that the Knicks might try to trade up in an effort to selected Purdue star Jaden Ivey. This is not new for the Knicks, who have dumped valuable pieces for cap space in the past. They usually miss on the free agents they target but are making an aggressive push to get Jalen Brown to leave Dallas for New York.

Earlier in the night, the Knicks traded No. 11 pick Ousmane Dieng to the Thunder for multiple draft picks in return. This was again done to being Jalen Brunson to New York. In a separate video, Smith discussed the Knicks’ moves and asked.

“What’re we gonna do with the Knicks now, Spike?” That’s when Lee got on his knees and began praying, and Smith followed suit.

“We need somebody to help us, Anybody, somebody to help us.” Lee said about the Knicks.

Magic take Banchero 1st, Holmgren, Smith follow in NBA draft | Fox 59
NBA Draft Round 1 concluded today

“Shot blockers, drafted. We’ve seen athletes drafted. We’ve seen shooters drafted. We’ve seen point guards drafted. We’ve seen off-guards drafted. We’ve seen everything drafted … but the Knicks didn’t draft anybody!” Stephen A Smith continued his rant about the poor management of the Knicks, and he may as well be right. The stories seem to be really twitsed as to how the Knicks traded multiple players and ended up nobody on their side. It’s safe to say that Smith was not the only Knicks fan left holding his head after seeing what the team did during the first-round of the NBA Draft.

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