“He coaxed him to come to Brooklyn” Stephen A. Smith believes Kyrie Irving has completely betrayed Kevin Durant

Kyrie Irving is looking for his way out of Brooklyn Nets and Stephen A Smith considers it as the act of betrayal. Kevin Durant has not shared his views on same.

Stephen A. Smith, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving
Stephen A. Smith, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving

As per veteran sports media analyst, Stephen A Smith, Brooklyn Nets superstar Kyrie Irving has betrayed his teammate Kevin Durant with the latest news surfacing upon his possible exit. The former feels that Irving has yet again taken a selfish route.

Since Nets’ early exit from the 2022 season, Kyrie Irving trade saga is getting dragged all the way to the NBA Draft day. But still, there seems to be absolutely no conclusion to the Kyrie Irving situation in Brooklyn. NBA fans keeping tabs on Kyrie are well aware of the situation that with his last season at the Nets, he is up for an extension. He does have the option to take up his $36.9 million, one-year player option. But, as per current advancements, it seems that the player wants more from the Nets organization. But sadly for the 30-year-old megastar, his reputation in the league is not by his side, and no one would fault the Nets for not giving him a long-term contract or an expensive one.

Sports TV Personality Stephen A Smith sees the irony in the situation. Kevin Durant is also up for extension, though the situation is not an “emergency” one to tackle right now, Kyrie’s decision may impact that deal also. SAS has never really been easy on Kyrie Irving since day one. But still, his comments on the star point guard are getting more and more personal of late.

Stephen A Smith considers acts by Kyrie Irving as a betrayal

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving
Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving

In the blink of the 2022 NBA Draft, Brooklyn Nets were in the news for unwanted news. Much attention was on the future of Kyrie Irving and his plans with the Brooklyn Nets. But as per reports, Irving provided the Nets with a list of teams that he would be willing to accept a sign and trade with. The situation was a clear indication of the two going in separate ways. Maybe 1X NBA Champion Kyrie will now have a new set of fans booing for him.   

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The news of separation caught people’s attention and many speculated that it would also affect Kevin Durant’s situation at the Nets. Back in 2019, Irving and Kevin Durant joined hands to deliver the silverware to the Nets. But now, it appears Irving wants out. That left ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith to feel a certain way about the Nets guard.

54 years old analyst accuses Kyrie Irving of being a traitor towards Kevin Durant, as he feels that KD will be left hanging if Kyrie decides to leave. “Kyrie has betrayed him (Kevin Durant), totally betrayed him. You coaxed him into going to Brooklyn with you. You his brother, you riding with him one thousand percent, until you don’t want to… and you left him hanging,” said Smith on First Take.

Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant in action against the Celtics
Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant

As per reports, former Rookie of the year Kyrie Irving has been checking in with other top players around the league. He might be searching for a potential championship contender team, while he is in his early 30s. As a professional athlete, this is a bit jarring, leaving the “promises unfinished”.

Kevin Durant has since remained silent online regarding the news of Irving. He might be waiting for the concluding part of the drama to make his move. As of now, Irving may be posturing with this move, as a tactic to help his bargaining position amid contract discussions. The talent is unquestionable and worthy of high pay.

In this scenario, no one would blame Kyrie or Brooklyn for their stance. But it is for sure that Kevin Durant wouldn’t like to play a “guessing game” and wait for his turn for negotiations. The script was written back at the start of the 2022 season when Kyrie decided not to get vaccinated and was willing to sit out of games, despite the team facing some troubles.

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