“I don’t have anything to prove to you or your father” Stephen A. Smith openly challenges Kyrie Irving for a 1-on-1 showdown

After Kyrie Irving exercised his player option, Stephen A Smith criticized the “money” decision, and then after getting a harsh reply from Kyrie over the criticism, SAS fired back at the PG

Stephen A. Smith and Kyrie Irving
Stephen A. Smith and Kyrie Irving
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Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving and Stephen A. Smith are exchanging some heated words on Twitter and the truth is, it is getting uglier by the minute. After Smith’s recent comments on Kyrie’s opt-in decision, the Nets marquee fired back at the TV analyst. He went ahead and called out Stephen A Smith, to explain his comments. Irving after a hard try for trade couldn’t find a suitable deal that would benefit all the involved parties, and he exercised the player option with the Nets.

His failure to find a suitable landing spot was reported to be an important reason for his decision which Stephen A Smith criticised. For those who are not aware, Kyrie Irving will earn around $37 million for the next season in Brooklyn.

After a tumultuous year and hectic past few days, Irving finally decided to return to the Nets for another year. The decision could help the Nets to buy some time to make any firm decision over the situation and even have a shot at a championship with their “Seven Eleven” era. With positivity around the decision, Kyrie’s attempts to force another outcome generated heavy criticism. And Stephen A Smith leads the charge.

Kyrie Irving’s decision and comments erred Stephen A Smith

Kyrie Irving and Stephen A. Smith
Kyrie Irving and Stephen A. Smith

One person who has been critical of Irving throughout the process is ESPN’s, Stephen A Smith. Ever Since Irving moved to the Nets, his injury, personal issues, and decision not to take any vaccination for COVID limited his availability. Smith had always been targeting Kyrie for that “unprofessional” behavior, and his decision to stay with the Nets seemed to be a “money grabbing” option after failed sign and trade tries.  

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And it appears that Smith has no plans to stop his critiques and is doubling down. After SAS’s earlier comments, Kyrie called him to explain the thing in person, face-to-face. Kyrie made his challenge public as he shared his jibe at Stephen via tweet. In response to Irving’s tweet, Smith offered Irving a chance to respond in person. Former NBA players like Stephon Marbury have also called out Smith for his continued criticism of players like Irving.

Smith not backing down from his response said“As for you, when you have a LEVEL, let me know. Because I’m not aware you have one – off the court. Either way, I have a wish: ONE DAY you’ll stop hiding behind the public support you receive and fess up to the shenanigans you engage in. Leaving folks hanging like laundry.”

Kyrie and KD’s collaboration at the Nets didn’t work out as planned, mostly due to Kyrie’s unavailability on the court. The team looked solid on paper, but instead, failed to reach the conference finals. As a result, Smith had targeted the former NBA Champion and called out Irving to engage in a public forum.

Smith’s response was in detail, and he also said that he didn’t owe him or his father an explanation – but his uncle Rod Strickland, who Smith said he profoundly respects, was a different story.

Kyrie Irving with Nets
Kyrie Irving with Nets

 “Be honest about what you’ve truly been doing. Until then, let’s confront one another 1-on-1 for the WORLD to see – your TRUTH up against mine in a public forum for everyone to judge. Name the time and place and I’M show up! I keep receipts, bro!” 54-years old analyst added.

Well having such exchanges in public would be interesting. And if Smith does have the receipts and has a public discussion with Irving, it could shed light on Irving’s conduct. Stephen A. Smith’s latest rant at Kyrie Irving has some believing that their issues are escalating and becoming personal. Irving’s numerous decisions have led to problems for the Nets. Some even believe that a healthy Irving could have helped the Nets win a championship over the past few years, but his personal reasons make things worst for him.

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