“Why is this publicized?” Stephen A. Smith reveals league’s DISGUSTED reaction to Ime Udoka’s scandal

Stephen A. Smith reveals league’s reactions for Ime Udoka’s scandal.

Stephen A. Smith
Stephen A. Smith

Stephen A. Smith is all over the NBA headlines as he’s been one of the loudest voices while discussing the biggest controversy in the league right now, Ime Udoka’s scandal. Even the analyst got himself in trouble while discussing and debating about the topic but he wasn’t all wrong doing that. Also, Stephen A. Smith has never cared about the backlash he gets so it’s all good with him.

Ime Udoka
Ime Udoka

The reports and a detailed investigation by the franchise revealed that Ime Udoka has cheated on his fiance Nia Long with a Celtics female staff member and has violated the code of conduct of the organization. The complete details aren’t out yet for the public even though it’s being discussed publically with Ime Udoka being suspended for a whole year. The fact that the Celtics and the league aren’t transparent about the situation has Stephen A. Smith unhappy and furious. So for the past few days, Stephen A. Smith is trying his level best to get some information out but is unsuccessful.

Stephen A. Smith also got some criticism thrown at him when he tried to bring in the unnamed woman involved to the conversation. And, he was right doing that as even she holds a fair share in it as the relationship was consensual. But a report says she has accused Ime Udoka for making inappropriate comments towards her. So it just changes the whole story. And, honestly, nothing can be said or claimed at the moment as we all don’t even know the exact situation and are aware of just the incomplete reports thrown out.

Recently, on ESPN’s “First Take”, Stephen A. Smith discussing the situation with Molly Qerim and Adrian Wojnarowski revealed the reactions of some players, coaches and executives from the league regarding the situation in Boston. As he is closely connected with many and has several links in the league. Many are disgusted with the situation and many want to know the whole situation before they give a word out as it’s a sensitive topic. And, one thing we all do know and even Smith mentioned is that Ime Udoka is wrong and he deserved that punishment.

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Stephen A. Smith reveals league’s reactions for Ime Udoka’s scandal

Stephen A. Smith
Stephen A. Smith

Stephen A. Smith revealing reactions of some players, coaches and executives he is connected with about Ime Udoka’s scandal quoted: “They are appalled. Just as much as I am by the fact that this is become publicized. This is very common whether we like it or not in the world of professional sports, in cooperate America. I might add it beyond. And, the fact that this came out and a bright young phenomenal coach like Ime Udoka for actions that are quite common I might add is agreed just in a lot of people’s house…”

This take landed him in trouble but lately after some clarifications fans are understanding what he really meant and how is he not all wrong in saying that. The situation though is still confusing with some major updates on it and everyone around now is demanding transparency as they have some sensible and important questions around it. The Celtics may have to reveal some important details soon or it may get leaked out there in the market as the situation is really hyped-up and everyone is left confused.

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