“It hurt me” Kyle Kuzma recalls the dark place he went into when Lakers decided to send him away

Read and know more about Kyle Kuzma's state after parting ways with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Kyle Kuzma- IMAGO / USA TODAY Network
Kyle Kuzma- IMAGO / USA TODAY Network

Kyle Kuzma is back in the NBA headlines and the reason this time isn’t him trolling another star from the league or taking shots at already controversial topics. Instead, it’s about his departure with the Los Angeles Lakers which gave him a tough time. Kyle Kuzma has been a star in the league right from his day 1 and when he joined hands with the Lakers and got into the city of L.A. Everything was at new heights. But soon trolls and memes were out on him. As he was the one blamed for most of their losses.

Kyle Kuzma and LeBron James- IMAGO / Agencia EFE
Kyle Kuzma and LeBron James- IMAGO / Agencia EFE

Kyle Kuzma was with the Los Angeles Lakers for four good seasons and even got himself a ring in 2020 while playing alongside LeBron James and Anthony Davis. But unfortunately, he never got developed into the Big Three of the team. And, the front office and King decided to bring in Brodie to the system while they parted ways with their forward. So on August 6, 2021, Kyle Kuzma was traded to the Washington Wizards as part of a package in exchange for Russell Westbrook.

Parting ways with the Los Angeles Lakers changed things for him and he became a completely new player while on board with the Wizards alongside Bradley Beal. Now he has more responsibilities and his first season went well as he was responsible and played the best possible role of a young leader. While leading the Washington Wizards as the team missed on their veterans and superstars.

Kyle Kuzma improved in all the aspects of the game and had the best season of his career so far with the Wizards. As he averaged 17.1 points, 8.5 rebounds, 3.5 assists, 0.6 steals and 0.9 blocks per game. It really looks like a good and happy story from the outside but recently the forward himself revealed how the departure from the Lakers gave him some tough time mentally.

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Kyle Kuzma on parting ways with the Los Angeles Lakers

Kyle Kuzma- IMAGO / USA TODAY Network
Kyle Kuzma- IMAGO / USA TODAY Network

Kyle Kuzma recently talked with NBA Insider Chase Hughes and revealed about the tough time he had after the Lakers traded him away to the Washington Wizards. As a tweet by the insider says: “Kyle Kuzma says he was in a “dark place” leaving the Lakers because of the narratives surrounding his exit: ‘How people perceived me… it kind of hurt me a little bit.'”

The fans really sent Kyle Kuzma to a dark place and honestly, that can’t be a lie or a made-up story. As after the trade, the reactions were pretty disrespecting and wild and Kuz deserved none of those. The fans really have to understand their limits on the web and how important one’s mental health is. Right now Kuz is good in the capital and aims at getting better with the team. As now they’ll be back and healthy and will make all possible efforts to get the team a title.

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