Stephen A. Smith RIPS Dez Bryant for accusing Malika Andrews of racial bias, saying host was raised right by parents

Stephen A Smith also opened up about the Josh Giddey controversy.

Stephen A. Smith RIPS Dez Bryant for accusing Malika Andrews of racial bias, saying host was raised right by parents

L-R: Dez Bryant, Stephen A. Smith, and Malika Andrews (Via Imago/X)

Former NFL wide receiver Dez Bryant has joined several NBA fans in calling out Malika Andrews for her handling—or lack of it — of the allegations involving Josh Giddey, an NBA player. They have charged him with having an improper relationship with a girl who is allegedly underage. This happened after a social media user went anonymous and shared pictures and videos of the two. Stephen A. Smith retaliated against Dez after he insulted Malika.

Some have expressed curiosity about ESPN’s Malika Andrews due to her apparent lack of interest in the situation amid the storm. When he made fun of her for keeping quiet about Giddey, former NFL player Dez Bryant escalated the criticism. The former running back for Dallas cautioned the ESPN pundit not to view it as “a black or white thing.” He even said that her parents had “raised you incorrectly.”


Smith said:

I respect you (Bryant), my brother, but that was a bit extreme. … Getting on Malika Andrews about this, I believe, is off-kilter. And it’s a bit extreme bringing up her parents, upbringing and some private school education. Come on, Dez! What if she brought up your stuff?

Earlier, Malika Andrews had mentioned Miller’s role in the Jamea Jonae Harris shooting incident when he was still in Alabama. For her death, Michael Lynn Davis and Darius Miles, Miller’s erstwhile teammate, were accused and charged. From the Crimson Tide star’s car was the gun used in the crime.
That being said, they did not prosecute Brandon Miller. Upon discussing the incident on draught night, Malika Andrews received backlash on social media.

Stephen A. Smith finally talks about Josh Giddey’s controversy

The Josh Giddey scandal has affected basketball analysts as well as fans who are keeping a close eye on the situation. Last week, a Twitter/X user accused Giddey of having an improper relationship with a minor. Numerous sports journalists have discussed it; Stephen A. Smith is one such figure. The Stephen A. Smith Show, Stephen A.’s podcast, is where fans can finally hear him express his opinions, which he usually does.

Stephen A Smith
Stephen A Smith (Credits; People Magzine)

Stephen A Smith said:

This man Josh Giddey, is currently being investigated by the NBA over allegations that he was having a relationship with a minor. We don't know who she was, we don't know how old she was, he's 21, we don't know how old she is. We don't know anything. All We know there's an investigation going on. … You know why Stephen A. hasn't said anything? Because you could get sued i***ts.

Tuesday marked the start of the Newport Beach Police Department’s investigation into claims of improper behavior between Josh Giddey and Livv Cook, an alleged underage girl. In an attempt to determine Giddey’s involvement in the incident, local law enforcement has contacted the girl and her family. Josh Giddey has not yet commented on the incident, which is ok with the current situation.

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